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Urfi Javed sometimes pasted flowers on the body and sometimes wore a dress made of photos, created a stir with her strange look

Sometimes wearing a dress made of flowers and sometimes an outfit made of safety pins, Urfi Javed is setting a new trend in the fashion world. Urfi’s style statement and fashion sense are unique and different. You can also see the strange outfits of Urfi…

Brother…if you want tips in terms of fashion, then take a look at the Instagram account of Urfi Javed. Seeing the pictures of Urfi, you will also come to make unique and strange outfits from different things along with stylish looks. Isn’t this amazing fashion? Yes, from flowers to chains and locks, Urfi Javed has made her different stylish dresses. If you don’t believe me, have a look here…

When Urfi pasted flowers on her body

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Urfi Javed had created a special look a few days ago with fresh flowers. Wearing only nude colored bikini bottom, Urfi pasted colorful flowers on her body. Now only Urfi can think of creating a look with flowers. She caused a lot of havoc in this look of her.

Photo dress

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You have seen the dress made of flowers. Now take a look at this outfit of Urfi Javed too. Urfi has made a short tube dress by attaching her pictures with safety pins. The actress completed her strange look with nude brownish makeup and open hair. Even after wearing a dress made of photos, Urfi had spread a lot.

Urfi turns mermaid in Plassit pants

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Urfi Javed was recently seen wearing plastic transparent pants with a sizzling bralette. Urfi Javed was also seen flaunting her bikini bottom in transparent pants. Wearing plastic clothes, Urfi has set a new trend in the fashion world. People even trolled her badly on this strange plastic outfit of Urfi.

Urfi also makes dress out of safety pins

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In the matter of fashion, Urfi Javed’s talent and thinking does not end only on flowers, plastics and photos, but in the matter of fashion, Urfi’s mind runs so much that people would not even be able to imagine. Seeing this video of Urfi, you will believe us. Urfi has prepared this dress by adding safety pins. Urfi teamed up a midi dress made of safety pins with a brown colored bikini. This unique outfit of the actress was also made fun of.

When Urfi stunned by wearing a dress made of shirt sleeves

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Urfi Javed also makes new dresses from old socks, scarves, tops. This revealing green crop top seen in the photo has been made by Urfi from the sleeves of her shirt and the belt area of ​​the top has been prepared from the collar of the shirt. Why didn’t she get dizzy after hearing that? But this is true. Urfi herself has given this information in the caption of the photo. Urfi’s talent was praised a lot by the people.

Urfi has to face trolling on every one of her extrarangi outfits, but Urfi is so cool that after every trolling she gives a befitting reply to the haters by posting her videos and photos in different clothes. Now Urfi has started giving a befitting reply to the celebs who trolled her.



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