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Urfi Javed was caught red handed while shooting an ad*lt film – Know the whole truth

Do you know that Urfi Javed, who shows her fashion flair, has got a film with Bollywood’s handsome hunk Ranbir Kapoor. Not only this, the Hollywood actor opposite Urfi has been cast in this movie. But during the audition of the movie itself, Urfi got a big setback. Learn what?

A video of Internet sensation Urfi Javed, who is in the news due to her strange fashion choices, has been doing the rounds on social media. The fans of Urfi Javed may also be shocked to see this video. In this video, the police is seen catching the glamorous diva aka Javed red-handed while shooting a blue film. Oh hey…no need to be so shocked. Know what is the full truth of this video.

Urfi got a film with Ranbir?

This video was shared by content creator Rohit Gupta in February. It is shown in the video that Urfi visits the office and meets the director. The director wants to cast her in her film. She tells Urfi that her project is a secret and Ranbir Kapoor will play the villain’s role in the movie. Urfi Javed gets excited after hearing this. She is told that a foreign actor has been cast for the hero of the film and Badshah will compose the songs. The name of the movie is Titanic.

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Urfi video viral

After this, Rohit Gupta comes to the office as the second director and enters with the lead actor. When Urfi asks about the lead actor, she is told that she is from Uganda. After this the director calls Urfi for the audition and gives her a dialogue from Weird. Then a man wearing a police khaki uniform enters the office and catches everyone on the charge of shooting an ad*lt film. Then what was there.

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All the three men present there start blaming Urfi. Urfi gets very angry hearing this. After this she calls her manager and shouts at her. scolds why such an audition was selected for them. Urfi gets shocked after this when the manager reveals on the phone that this is all a prank. Nothing is real. Urfi cannot believe that such a big prank happened to her. Later, Urfi Javed again laughs at this incident.



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