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Urfi Javed wore a mask in such a place, the users got angry, started doing various things

Urfi Javed is again making headlines on social media. But this time she is being trolled because of her dress, which is because of her tube top.

New Delhi: When it comes to Urfi Javed, it is difficult to say what to wear. Many times people get immersed in the thought that what is Urfi wearing. Something similar has happened this time also. Bigg Boss OTT ex-contestant Urfi Javed, who was in the news due to her bo*ld dressage, wore such a dress this time, after which users started trolling her on social media. Even some people told Urfi that the mask had to be worn somewhere and was worn somewhere.

What is special this time in Urfi’s dress

Urfi is wearing a pink color dress this time. To make this dress as special as ever, Urfi is wearing a tube top whose knot is going through the back of the neck. At a glance, you will find this tube top mask of Urfi in style. Apart from this, Urfi has a matting skirt with a tube top. Along with this, Urfi has tied a choker style necklace and hair around her neck.

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Users furious after seeing the masked tube top

Seeing Urfi’s tube top, users remembered the mask, after which they started trolling Urfi. Commenting on a user, wrote- ‘Where is the mask’. On the other hand, another user commented while commenting – ‘It will be cold, aunty.’

Urfi is very bo*ld

Urfi always shares her bo*ld pictures on social media. Sometimes people like her looks and sometimes she gets trolled because of her dress. But it is so clear that Urfi Javed knows very well how to stay in the headlines.

Seen in Big Boss OTT

Urfi Javed has also appeared in Bigg Boss OTT. During the show, Urfi remained in the limelight because of her clothes more than her game. However, she could not last long in the show and became homeless.



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