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Video of a girl smoking cigarettes and cooking chicken by burning Manusmriti went viral on social media, then clarified like this

A video is going viral on social media. In the video, a woman lights a cigarette after burning Manusmriti and is also seen cooking chicken in a pan on the stove. These women have been on target ever since the video went viral. The woman is being accused of hurting the sentiments of Hindus. Who has been identified as Priya Das.

Who is Priya Das?

Priya Das is a resident of Sheikhpura in Bihar. 27-year-old Priya is the state secretary in the women’s cell of the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD). After burning Manusmriti on social media, people are strongly opposing him.

The surprising thing is that Priya Das neither smokes cigarettes nor eats non-veg. She lit a cigarette after burning Manusmriti and was seen cooking chicken just to register a protest.

In one of her interviews given to Aaj Tak, RJD leader Priya Das tells that she had bought Manusmriti for about 500 rupees. They claim that it is written in Manusmriti that if a woman drinks alcohol, she can be punished in many ways. Along with this, before doing justice, it is also written about finding out the caste of the accused.

Priya Das told, I do not eat non-veg nor smoke cigarettes, I did this to protest. Priya, who is trying her luck in politics, is still studying. She is trying to become a teacher. He has passed CTET. Will also do PhD in future.

Significantly, a video of Priya Das, who calls herself a Dalit activist, is going viral, in which she is burning Manusmriti and saying that Baba Saheb had laid the foundation for its burning long ago. Their aim is to oppose cheap and hypocritical ideas.

Priya Das says that people get knowledge from any book, but this book does the work of high-low, discrimination and dividing people from each other. So this book is not correct. There must be opposition to this. Every page of this book should be burnt.

He says that in this book many such things have been told about humans and women, which are not appropriate from anywhere. Dalit people should come forward and oppose it because all the evils are prevailing in the society. Manusmriti is behind its root. Priyanka Gandhi PA booked for ‘misbehaving’ and threatening Bigg Boss fame Archana Gautam

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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