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Video of girl driving scooter leaving handle gone viral, you will laugh after watching it

Trending Viral Video: A video of a girl doing stunts with a scooter is going viral on the internet, seeing which people have started making funny comments. In the video, the girl is driving the scooter leaving both her hands.

Videos of boys breaking traffic rules often go viral on social media, but now girls have also taken their part in it. These days, a video is spreading rapidly on the internet, in which a girl is seen riding a scooter on a high traffic road with both her hands free. On one hand, people have called it a ‘supergame’ of balance and control, while on the other hand, many people have expressed concern over it.

Stunt done on high speed scooter

This video has been shared on ‘X’ (earlier Twitter) with the handle ‘@gharkekalesh’. Its caption reads, “Fearless scooter didi taking Kalesh on the road with her luck.” In the clip, a girl is seen riding a scooter at high speed on a crowded road. But the surprising thing is that during this time the girl’s hands are floating in the air. Looking at it, it seems as if she is dancing while sitting on a scooter.

Video of the feat went viral

At present, information has not been revealed about the place from which this video was shot, but the people sitting in a car following the girl have shot this incident on their cameras. In this 18-second clip, the girl handles the handle of the scooter only once and is performing stunts the rest of the time, leaving her hands behind. It is also worth noting that the girl was not wearing a helmet, which is mandatory while driving a two-wheeler.

People made funny comments

This video has been viewed 12 lakh times on X and people are getting different reactions on it. Some people called it the girl’s talent, while others demanded immediate action against her. Most people said that the youth’s penchant for taking risks has left them worried.

One user said, ‘You have put the lives of many people in danger along with yourself.’ Another commented, ‘Look brother, is there any boy wearing a wig?’ The third wrote, ‘Didi Rock, everyone is shocked. ‘ Another user said – ‘Anyway, the brake has to be applied with the foot, so what will happen with the hand.’ One said – ‘When the rich boyfriend proposes for marriage.’

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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