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Viral Video: 20 beautiful models fell in the famous fashion show, the audience was surprised

In the viral video, it was seen that earlier a model comes in glittering clothes with dollar sign marks, knee-length fur boots and falls on the ramp. Then the model comes in a oversized hoodie and jacket and falls on the ramp.

It was not a normal fashion show night for the audience. During the Milan Fashion Week, models were seen falling one after another on the ramp. This was a one-of-a-kind fashion show that stunned the audience. Presenting her latest collection “Filthy Rich” at Fashion Week (‘Filthy Rich’), a model was previously seen wearing knee-length fur boots with a dollar sign in glittering clothing. Kar comes and falls on the ramp.Then the model in a oversized hoodie and jacket comes and falls on the ramp.

A post shared by Beate Karlsson (@beate.karlsson)

It was told that this model deliberately fell on the ramp in this fashion show under the concept. While models dressed in shades of grey, pink and neutral, Miss Carlson told Hypebeast that she wanted the concept between success and failure to be created.

Miss Carlson posted this video on her Instagram, captioned @beate.karlsson. She designs fashionable clothes adopting provocative styles just to look rich. The runway debut at Milan Fashion Week featured a collection that seeks to change the established rules of fashion.

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