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Viral Video: Seeing the act of buffalo, you will be left wondering whether the buffalo is big or buffalo?

In a video viral on social media, a smart buffalo is seen, which is drinking water by running a hand pump with jugaad.

Kanpur: There is one animal in our proverbs which is very underrated and that animal is buffalo. There are many proverbs about buffalo like playing bean in front of buffalo i.e. explaining knowledge to a fool or wise big or buffalo. Mothers also often call children a child with a bull’s intellect, that is, one who does not have a brain. Overall, the buffalo is considered a fool who cannot do anything, but the buffalo has proved that he is not less intelligent, but those who consider him less intelligent are less intelligent.

Dipanshu Kabra, a 1997 batch IPS officer and Additional Transport Commissioner in Chhattisgarh, has posted a video on social media in which a buffalo goes near a tap and then runs the tap with its horn. By running the tap two or three times, when the water accumulates at the bottom, the buffalo drinks that water and then runs the tap again. In this way the buffalo fills water by running the tap two or three times and then drinks the water.

Dipanshu Kabra has also written in the caption with this video, now tell me, big or buffalo? Thousands of people have watched the video so far, while more than 15 thousand people have liked it. One user wrote, Sir, cannot comment on this, but yes this can be a good example of self-reliant India campaign. A user wrote this video for those people who understand that animals do not have brains.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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