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Viral Video: Uncle je did such an outrageous dance, seeing the girls also cried. Watch Video

Chachaji Ke Dance Ka Video: Dance videos are the most viewed and uploaded in the world of social media. Some of them are so funny that they are covered as soon as they come and are seen for months. Right now one such video is covered everywhere. The video seems to be of a foreign uncle in which he is dancing to a song from a Hindi film. The special thing is that he dances so tremendously on Hindi songs that you will want to watch the video again and again. This few seconds video, shadowed on the internet, seems to be of a party. DJ is playing in it and people are dancing in full swing.

But out of all the people dancing, the eyes are fixed on a person of about 50-55 years. The reason is the unique style of his dance. You can see that everyone is dancing on the stage, but Chachaji is engrossed in himself and is dancing a little away from the stage. You can see that he dances so tremendously that other girls dancing also shout with joy seeing him dancing. In this, every step of his dance looks so great and tremendous that watching the video once does not fill the mind.

A post shared by Niranjan Mahapatra (@official_viralclips)

The video has also been shared on the social media platform Instagram on a page named official_viralclips. The video is being liked a lot by social media users. However, when and where the video was told, it is not known.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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