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Visa New Update: Indian passport holder alert! Visa is not required for these countries, See list of countries

Visa Free Countries: There are many countries around the world where visa is not required. Yes, if you are planning to travel, then you can see the list of countries without visa in this article. These can last for 3 months or even 4 months.

Who does not want to travel abroad be it honeymoon or summer vacations, but due to money and planning, we always back down. And one more hassle that destroys everyone’s dream of traveling abroad is the ‘Visa’ process, perhaps you too will definitely agree with us! Let me tell you, visa is such a thing, in the process of which your whole month can go or even the whole year can go.

But there are some countries for Indians all over the world, where you do not even need to get a visa, meaning in these countries you can roam comfortably for a month or even four months with only your passport. Let us tell you about these countries.

Travel in bhutan

Famous for beautiful hills and plains, Bhutan is a very beautiful country. Not only we Indians but also foreigners dream of visiting here. Bhutan is very famous for its scenic beauty and spectacular places. Let us tell you, Indians get permission to travel here without visa on certain conditions. Not only this, due to being in the neighborhood, this place will not be so expensive for Indians. For Visa you have to provide ID proof here.

Make Fiji also included in the list

How can we forget Fiji after Bhutan. This country is also the best for traveling without a visa. Not only this, after Maldives, now couples have included Fiji in the list for their honeymoon. Let me tell you, the number of Indians here is very high, and this is the reason why a large number of Indians reach Fiji to visit here. Interestingly, Indians can stay here for four months without a visa.

Beautiful Barbados

The very beautiful Caribbean country Barbados is the best for a better summer vacation. You can come here with your wife or this place is perfect for spending summer holidays with children. Places with beaches are most liked in summer, so Indians must visit here once. Here Indians can roam without visa for a total of 90 days.

Trinidad, Tobago

With the summer holidays about to begin, people will be looking for beautiful places as well as places of peace. So what is the delay then, Trinidad is also not less than anyone. This place looks just like Goa and you will not have to spend much to visit. Here you can stay for 3 months without visa. This place is surrounded by natural beauty and wildlife.

Visit Nepal too

​How can we forget Nepal, coming here is everyone’s dream to visit Nepal at least once. And the good thing for Indians is this, this country will not cost you much. Just make a trip to Nepal today itself. If we talk about visa, then Indians do not need visa for here.

Visit Mauritius without visa

The name of Mauritius is also included in the countries that can travel without visa. Mauritius is the most favorite among couples, here you can go for a walk between the beaches and forests. To make your moments memorable and special, you can also include this place in your list. Here Indians can stay without visa for three months.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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