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[WATCH VIDEO]: The man kept beating the woman half-naked with a hot stick, the crowd kept watching the spectacle

In Bihar, a woman was beaten half-naked with a hot stick to the extent that she fainted. The video of the incident is going viral on the internet.

New Delhi: A shocking case has come to light from Madhepur in Bihar. Here this happened to a woman which can happen only under Talibani rule. Not only was the woman beaten up with sticks, but her clothes were also taken off in public. The Panches sentenced the woman to beating her half-naked with hot bamboo, terming it as immoral. In such a situation, the question is, what was the crime of the woman?

What was the crime of the woman

Let us tell you that the crime of this woman was that she opposed the people who were raping her. In such a situation, the question arises that who were these Panches who gave this absurd decree and how were they who kept seeing the honor of a woman being tarnished like this. When the Panchs pronounced this stupid order, a bamboo stick was heated in the gathering. After which the woman was beaten up half-naked as if today only her life will be removed from the body. As long as she kept beating this woman, she did not faint. The video of this incident is now going viral, but the incident which has embarrassed the Indian society is on March 19. When the police came to know about this matter, it has given an assurance to take action in the matter.

What is the whole matter?

According to people, in Rajpur village of Sadar police station area, some people had allegedly seen this woman with a non-male. Then they beat the woman there and called the panchayat. After the orders of the Panches in the Panchayat, the people present there pulled the woman’s sari and then beat her a lot. After the assault, the woman was so frightened that she did not inform the police about this. When some people tried to rape the woman on Wednesday night, then she ran to the hospital again and told everything to the doctors. Then the staff called and informed the police.

Woman’s statement

The victim woman told that she had gone to the corn field to defecate at 10 pm. During this, Shankar Das, Pintu Das, Pradeep Das and Abhay Das caught hold of his and said who was with you in the field? When the woman said that no one was with her, they started beating her. The woman tells that after which he started trying to rape me and snatched my sheet and laid it on the ground, as well as made a video of it. Not only this, my jewelery was also snatched.



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