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Wedding Card: There is a lot of discussion in Bihar about this wedding card, you will also be confused after seeing the design

A wedding card in Bihar remains a topic of discussion. Seeing the design of the card made for the invitation of marriage in Nawada of the state, people are confused whether it is Aadhar card or wedding invitation card. On Tuesday, Santosh Verma, a resident of old bus stand, started distributing his marriage card among his friends and acquaintances, then there is a lot of discussion about his marriage card. The wedding card is very different. If people were going home with their hands in their hands, the family members were asking whose Aadhaar card was there.

PhonePe’s bar code is also present on the card.

This card printed for wedding invitations has been given the form of Aadhar card. PhonePe’s barcode is also given on the invitation card. That is, by reaching the invitation, you can easily transfer the gift amount given voluntarily. Fully taken care of Digital India. People are discussing all these features and seeing the unique card. The date of marriage and banquet is mentioned at the place where the number of the Aadhar card is there. If someone sees at a glance, he will not even know whether there is a marriage card or Aadhar card. Its envelope is also prepared in the same way.

It is worth noting that earlier in Gopalganj too, a case of digital payment in a marriage had come to the fore. A procession from Belbanwa village of Kuchaykot police station area had come to Inderwan village of Thawe block. During this wedding, a poster was put up outside the pandal, in which the bar code of PhonePe was mentioned. A young man sitting there had informed that we have taken this initiative after being impressed by PM Modi’s Digital India and Cashless. There is no error in the calculation.



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