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Companies like ICICI Lombard, Future Generali, HDFC Argo, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance are providing wedding insurance in India. The sum assured of wedding insurance depends on how much you have insured.

Once again, the corona virus is causing outrage across the country. More than 1 lakh cases have started coming up in a day. In such a situation, there is a lot of concern among those whose wedding preparations are going on in the house or who are very excited about their marriage. They fear that their marriage may be canceled. If your marriage is canceled due to the ongoing guidelines regarding corona or pandemic, then you need not worry at all. Today we tell you about wedding insurance. Yes, you must also be surprised to hear, but it is true that now your marriages also have insurance.

What is the purpose of getting wedding insurance

The purpose of wedding insurance is to provide you financial security, from the cancellation of your wedding to the theft of your jewelry and accident after the wedding. If you have taken wedding insurance, then the burden of marriage on you is reduced. Like insurance of cars, health and companies, now wedding insurance has also started in India. Many big and well-known insurance companies are offering wedding insurance facilities in the country.

According to financial advisors, there is less possibility of any disturbance in the marriage, but in spite of this, many things happen on which a person has no control. It is often heard that due to bad weather, the marriage has to be canceled. In such circumstances, millions of rupees of money are lost, which is a huge loss for a common man.


According to the financial advisor, with the help of wedding insurance, you can take protection if your wedding is canceled, if your jewelry is stolen, you have an accident soon after the wedding. By doing this, you can save a little from the expenses of the wedding. In such a situation it is necessary to take a wedding insurance policy.


Although some insurance companies prepare the package for the wedding in advance, but some companies also make the package according to your needs. It depends on you what kind of package you want to take.

Who will get insurance 

1.Advance given to the caterer

2.Advance money for a hall or resort booked for marriage

3.Advance given to travel agencies

4.Hotel advance booking payment

5.Payment given on printing of wedding cards

6.For decoration and music

7.Wedding Venue Sets to Other Decorations

Companies like ICICI Lombard, Future Generali, HDFC Argo, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance are providing wedding insurance in India. The sum assured of wedding insurance depends on how much you have insured. Note that you can claim the claim even if the wedding date is changed. By the way, the premium is only 0.7 percent to 2 percent of your insured amount. Suppose if you have got a wedding insurance of 10 lakh rupees then you have to pay a premium of 7,500 to 15,000 rupees.

Which situation does not get Claim

1.Any kind of accidental attack

2.The strike

3.Sudden cancellation of marriage

4.Kidnapping of bride or groom

5.Missing of a flight or a train by mistake of the bride or groom at the wedding itself

6.Loss of wedding dresses or any personal things

7.Sudden change or cancellation of wedding venue

8.In any way due to electrical or mechanical malfunction

9.Loss due to wrong care of marriage venue

10.To intentionally harm oneself or commit suicide

What is the whole process

1.Before taking insurance, always keep in mind that the insurance agency has to give all the information about the location of the wedding before the wedding expenses.

2.As soon as you have a loss, inform your insurance company immediately.

3.Inform the police of your stolen goods and hand over a copy of the FIR to the insurance company.

4.To claim, fill the form and submit it along with all your papers.

5.Complete information will be obtained from your insurance company by sending a representative for investigation and only then the claimed money will be returned.

6.If your claim is proved to be correct, then the insurance company will fully compensate for the loss.

7.If the claim amount is wrong, the claim amount will not be repaid and the claim will be rejected.

8.If the insurance company wants, it can give money directly to the wedding venue or the vendor.

9.If in any way the policy holder is not happy with the amount claimed, then he can directly go to court and put his case.

10.In any case, the wedding insurance claim settles within 30 days of the accident.

Take care of what

You always have to keep in mind that while taking insurance, it is important to know what will be covered under the policy. If there is already an insurance cover, first find out in what circumstances you will get the cover. Note that the primary policy cover also includes the cancellation of the wedding ceremony. For any accident such as fire or theft, you can take a separate policy.

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