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WhatsApp New Feature: New feature coming with WhatsApp, now you can read messages like this

Instant messaging app WhatsApp always gives new features to its users by making changes from time to time. Now WhatsApp is coming soon with a new feature. The messaging app is now working on the Read Later feature. Soon, users will be able to use it. In the read letter feature, there will be an option to save a chat to read later. Also you can make a list of messages read later. This feature is currently available in the latest version beta of WhatsApp. WABETALNFO, a website tracking the features of the app, gave information about this new feature. After setting in this new feature, such chats will be muted and notifications of new messages will not be seen, which will not be very important. In this case, this feature will help users a lot. Earlier in November last year, the beta version of iOS v2.20.130. 16 saw this feature. Even after two months, this feature has not come for all users. The Read Later feature will replace Archived Chat. This feature is in beta testing on both Android and iOS versions. Currently, WhatsApp has the facility of Archived Chat. Which, when selected, goes to the bottom of the chat box. It appears when users scroll down. All archived chats are visible on clicking on it.

WhatsApp finally announced, will not delete users’ accounts after 8 February

WhatsApp announced on Saturday that no users on the platform would be able to suspend or delete their accounts on February 8, and that it was withdrawing the data-sharing change date on May 15, as users expressed concerns about privacy She went and was then drawn to other options like telegram. The most popular messaging app worldwide has postponed the February 8 deadline to accept updates to its terms, saying it would use brief intervals to eliminate misinformation about privacy. The Facebook-owned messaging platform wrote in a blog post, “We will go slowly to review people’s policy before new business options become available on May 15. We are now moving that date back , The day people will be asked to review and accept the terms. No account will be suspended on February 8, nor will it be deleted. We are going to do much more to eliminate misinformation. How privacy and security work on WhatsApp. Clearing the air amid privacy concerns, the Facebook-owned company highlighted that it would allow users to gradually review the policy ‘at their own pace’. How we work on privacy and security on WhatsApp, We are going to do a lot to clear up the misinformation about it. We will go slowly to review the people’s policy before new business options become available on 15 May. The social networking giant was sending in-app notifications to its users and informing them that it had decided to implement the new Terms of Use which gave it extensive control over users’ data.

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages Option: Know the special things about the disappearing message option

Popular messaging app WhatsApp has announced that it will introduce its long-awaited ‘disappearing messages’ feature globally this month. The feature will allow its users to enable an option that automatically deletes all messages sent to an individual or group after seven days. Missing messages will eliminate text, photos, videos and GIFs shared with an individual or a group after the said period. A user can enable this option in a personal chat, while the same will be in the hands of the administrator for groups. When messages disappear, new messages sent in the chat will disappear after seven days, helping to make the conversation feel lighter and more private. In a one-to-one chat, either person can turn on or off missing messages. In groups. The company said in a statement, ” Control will control. We are starting with seven days because we feel it provides peace of mind that the conversation is not permanent, while the rest is practical so you don’t forget what you were talking about.

Big News Whatsapp User 😮 If users do not do this by February 8, then the company will delete their account.

In the case where a user does not open WhatsApp for seven days, the received messages will disappear but the preview of these messages can still be displayed in the notification until the app is opened. Additionally, if a missing message is sent for a chat with the new feature turned off, the message will not disappear there. Missing messages will also be included in the backup, provided the backup is made before the message disappears. WhatsApp continues to release new creative features and functionalities with every update to provide a seamless experience to its users. The application achieves the largest user base among a range of messaging platforms due to its minimal user interface which gets better with every update.


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