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WhatsApp’s new privacy policy: … So, will you get information about getting salary credit on WhatsApp now? Read what the government says

In the new Labor Code, it was also proposed that employees should be given information about credit of salary from social media like WhatsApp. But, after seeking suggestions from the government, people have expressed concern about privacy. They fear that sensitive information related to their profile may be stolen.

new Delhi. The Ministry of Labor and Employment has now put its plan in cold storage, under which the employees were to be given salary related information through social media platforms like WhatsApp. Before this, in the new Labor Code which came into force from April 2021, this arrangement was also being considered. The Mint, in a report, quoted the secretary of the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Apoorva Chandra, to explain the discrepancy. He has been quoted as saying that social media and WhatsApp will be removed from the vege communication draft.

This information has come amid those concerns, when there has been a debate about WhatsApp’s new privacy policy in the last month itself. There is a concern about sharing WhatsApp data with Facebook. Most users are worried about the basic fact that sensitive information related to their profile can be shared under the new policy. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook.

Chandra told Mint, ‘We will modify this part. We are concerned about the privacy of our employees. Soon this draft will be finalized and you will see that there will be no provision of social media including WhatsApp. Earlier, the Ministry of Labor and Employment had proposed that ‘WhatsApp and other social media’ can be used for salary related information.

ask for the approval draft, people were asked this suggestion

, this step was taken by the ministry when it expressed concern about data privacy. Has gone. People are worried about their financial and social security data. This draft was kept public domain for suggestion. It will be finalized and included in the Industrial Relations (IR) Code Act after about a month.

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What did the earlier proposal say?

Under the Standing Orders for Service, Manufacturing and Mining Sectors, it was stated in the draft, ‘All kind of payment including wages to the workers will be made in their bank account by electronic form digital form. Workers will be given information about such payment, messaging service or e-mail or WhatsApp such as social media communication or slip.

being said that giving salary information through social media will not violate the employee-employer privacy agreement. But, there will be a risk of social profiling, tracking bank details or data theft.

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