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Who can take LIC new Arogya Raksha Policy, its benefits, features and eligibility

LIC Aarogya Rakshak Policy: Apart from the policy holder, his family members can also take advantage of this policy. In the Arogya Rakshak Health Insurance Policy, you get full money when you get sick.

LIC Aarogya Rakshak Policy: LIC keeps on bringing out new schemes for its customers. Recently LIC has launched Non-Linked, Regular Premium Individual Health Insurance Plan ‘Arogya Rakshak’. LIC offers its policy for people of all ages. Under this plan, you can get yourself, your family and children insured. This plan can be taken both as an individual and as a family floater. In this new scheme, you can take advantage of Fixed Benefit for different diseases.Also Read: New Challan Rules: Central government made new challan rules, issued these guidelines to the state government

Get Bima’s money together

Arogya Rakshak policy is a very beneficial policy. Its benefits are given only under this insurance cover. If we compare this scheme with anyone else, then it will not be right. Because this policy is completely different. This policy helps the policy holder and his family members to remain independent in financial condition. The method of payment and reinversion in the Arogya Rakshak policy is completely different. Generally, most of the health insurance pays only the actual expenses incurred on the medical treatment to the extent of the sum insured. On the other hand, Aarogya Rakshak policy pays a lump sum benefit equal to the sum insured .Also Read: EPFO: Transfer PF money to another bank account sitting at home, know the easy way quickly

One Policy – ​​Insurance for All

Under this scheme, the age of the Principal Insured is available for the age of 18 to 65 years and the age of the child is 91 days to the age of 20 years. Its cover period is up to 80 years for Guardian and up to 25 years for children. The cover period is up to 80 years for Basic Insured, Husband, Wife, Parents.Also Read: LIC Policy: Deposit a premium of Rs 43 daily, earning Rs 3333 per month

Let us tell you about some special benefits of this policy.

  • Flexible limit is available to choose the policy.
  • Flexible premium payment option is available.
  • Valuable financial protection is available in case of hospitalization or surgery etc.
  • Lump sum benefit is available irrespective of the actual medical costs.
  • Enhancing health cover through auto step up benefit and no claim benefit.
  • If more than one member is covered under a policy, premium waiver policy for other life assured in case of unfortunate death of the original insured i.e. policyholder at the time of insured
  • For certain major surgical benefits for one year in case of any insured surgery falling under
  • Category I or Category II
  • Benefits of ambulance
  • Health check up benefits

Features of Arogya Rakshak Policy

  • Under the policy, you can insure yourself (as the main insured), your spouse, all children and parents.
  • This policy covers the main life insured/spouse/parent whose age is between 18 to 65 years. Also it is available for children aged 91 days to 20 years.
  • The cover period available for Basic Insured/Spouse/Parent is up to 80 years, while it is available only for children up to 25 years.
  • You can choose the flexible benefits and premium payment option under this
    Better financial security is available in case of hospitalization, surgery etc.
  • Lump sum benefit irrespective of actual medical cost
  • Enhancement of health cover through auto step-up benefit and no claim benefit.
  • Suppose more than one family member is covered under this policy. If the original insured dies, the premium is waived off for other policyholders
  • Benefit of premium waiver for one year in case any insured person falling under Category I or Category II undergoes surgery. Ambulance facility, health check-up benefit available
  • In addition, optional riders such as New Term Assurance Rider and Accident Benefit Rider are available under the policy

Features and Eligibility


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