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Why Axis Bank Charge 167 rupees from saving account Check here all charges details

The bank also deducts charges from time to time in lieu of providing convenience to its customers. Recently the bank is deducting money from the accounts of customers in the name of internet banking, in which GST has also been added.

Now both private and government banks are giving most of the banking services to the customers through online medium. That is, customers are doing more than half of the bank’s work sitting at home. Even a bank account can be opened from home. However, the bank is also charging customers for all these facilities. In this sequence, these days Rs 167 is being deducted from the accounts of customers by Axis Bank, due to which customers are worried that why money is being deducted from their accounts.Also Read: Home loan depends on net salary not on ctc know how much loan amount you can get

If your account is also in Axis Bank and Rs 177 has been deducted from your account, then tell you why money is being deducted from the account. Also, know that for what other things money is deducted from the bank, about which customers have little knowledge.Also Read: Income tax rule change important personal finance changes regarding taxable interest on pf new tds rule pan linkage

What is the deduction of Rs 177 for?

On behalf of Axis Bank, Rs 177 has been deducted from the account of those people who use the bank’s internet banking. That is, the bank has deducted the charges of internet banking, which are deducted every year by the bank. Every year the bank deducts Rs 150 from the account of internet banking and then 18 percent GST is also charged with it. This means that the bank charges Rs 150 and deducts Rs 27 as GST i.e. Rs 177. In such a situation, if you are using internet banking, then money has been deducted from your account because of this.Also Read: Monthly Interest Credits on your Savings Account like fixed deposit or fd in idfc first bank

What else does the bank charge?

  • Apart from internet banking, many types of charges are deducted by the bank, which includes ATM, SMS charges etc. Know how many types of charges are taken by the bank…
  • Limited cash transactions are allowed by the bank. In such a situation, you can do 4-5 transactions in a month according to the rules set. If you do the transaction even after this, then you have to pay the fee. Government banks usually charge from Rs 20 to Rs 100.
  • Bank also charges you on ATM transactions. If you transact more than a limited number of ATMs, then you have to pay a fee.
  • Every year the bank charges up to Rs 150 for the maintenance of the ATM card.
  • Banks now charge customers for not maintaining a minimum balance. Metro, semi-urban and rural branches have different minimum balance limits. Also, every bank has different rules.
  • Suppose you went to the ATM and you had only 5000 rupees in your account and then you put a request of 6000 to withdraw money, then your transaction will fail. If this happens then the bank can charge you 20 to 25 rupees. In such a situation, first check the balance and then withdraw the money.
  • NEFT and RTGS are now free for all customers. However, you have to pay a fee for IMPS transactions. It usually ranges between Rs 5 to Rs 25.
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