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Why vitamin D is important for a pregnant woman, know about it…

What are the problems with vitamin D deficiency, what are its sources and how can the deficiency be fulfilled in the body, know about it here.

In general, it works by controlling the levels of vitamin D, calcium and phosphate in any body. But during pregnancy, its need increases more because it is necessary for the bones and muscles of both mother and child. Since the fetus takes nourishment from the mother’s body, the lack of vitamin D also affects the baby.

According to a research, about 84 percent of pregnant women in India are deficient in vitamin D, due to which the health of their children is also at risk. Learn how to identify vitamin D deficiency and how to overcome this deficiency.

Identify with these signs

Muscle and bone pain, weakness or fatigue are symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. But this also happens in the normal state of pregnancy, so consult a specialist about your symptoms so that they can understand the problem by doing the necessary investigation.

This is a danger

Baby’s teeth and bones will develop weak due to deficiency of vitamin. Apart from this, in rare cases, he may also have rickets which is called rickets in medical language. By 6-7 months of pregnancy, women who are deficient in vitamin D are more likely to suffer from severe preeclampsia. Preeclampsia can prove to be dangerous for both mother and child.

This is how to complete vitamin D deficiency

The best source of vitamin D is sunlight. Apart from this, eat whole grains, milk, cheese, cheese, soy milk, mushrooms and oranges. According to the need, experts often advise women to eat its supplements. But do not take supplements without consulting a specialist.



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