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Wives like to hear these things from husband’s mouth, dreams happen before marriage

Which girl or woman would be there in the world, who does not want to make herself feel special. Often you must have seen in movies that the hero always opens the door of the car for his heroine, pulls the chair for her in the restaurant and walks holding her hand in public. These are all the things that a wife always wants from her husband.

New Delhi: The relationship of husband and wife is that bond, in which they promise to support each other for seven births. Many times it is seen that as long as the girl remains a girlfriend, men treat her with a lot of love, but if the girlfriend becomes a wife, then many times in the relationship, gradually, many kinds of petty disputes including love start. .

But do you know that after marriage, why girls start talking to their husbands over small things? No, then let us tell you why she does this. Actually, even before marriage, many girls start dreaming about their future partner. She has to fulfill small romantic dreams with her husband. In such a situation, if the husband himself initiates these things from the front, then it is as if the happiness of the wives becomes four moons, as well as she gives a lot of love not only to the husband but also to the entire family of the husband.

Wives Sometimes wives have different expectations from their husbands. If the husband fulfills these small expectations of them, then the married life of both of them remains very happy.

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