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Work From Home: Big News! New Notification issued regarding work from home, you may lose your job if you do not agree

Work from Home Big News! New Notification issued regarding work from home, you may lose your job if you do not agree

Cognizant had sent an email to its employees in February this year, in which they were asked to come to the office and work. The company has sent the mail again last month. In this, strict action has been threatened if instructions are not followed. The company has said that if the instructions are not followed, the employees may lose their jobs.

Work from Home: IT company Cognizant has issued an order for its employees. He has said that even after sending repeated reminders, those employees who do not come to office and work may lose their jobs. Livemint has given this news. When the Covid pandemic started, many companies including IT had given the facility of work from home to their employees. After the pandemic ends, most companies are returning to the traditional way of working. She wants her employees to come to the office instead of working at home. But, some employees are not ready to go to office and work.

Cognizant sent mail last month

Moneycontrol has not been able to independently verify this news related to Cognizant. It is said that the company has sent this letter to the employees last month. It has been said that even after several emails sent earlier by the business leaders to the employees, those employees who are not coming to the office and working are being given strict warnings. The company has also said that not following its instructions will be considered as serious misconduct.

Instructions came in February to come to office three days a week

Cognizant has said that action will be taken against employees who do not follow instructions as per company policy. Such employees may also lose their jobs. According to news agency Reuters, in February, Cognizant had asked its employees in India to come to the office and work three days every week. Company CEO Ravi Kumar S had said that all India associates are expected to come to the office and work three days a week on an average. However, this instruction did not specify from which date the new system would come into effect.

Cognizant has the highest number of employees in India.

3,47,700 employees work in Cognizant. Of these, about 2.54 lakh employees are in India. According to the company’s annual report, most of its employees are in India. Other big IT companies like TCS, Infosys and Wipro have already asked employees to come to office and work. TCS has even implemented the rule of working from office five days a week.

Attrition rate has decreased in the company in one year

On a trailing basis over the last 12 months, Cognizant’s attrition rate has declined by 10 per cent to 13.1 per cent. Its utilization rate increased by 1 percent to 82 percent in the March quarter this year. If the company insists on work from office, then the interest of employees in leaving the job may increase again.

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