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Work From Home: Women open grocery stores at low cost, start their own work

Small scale business for women staying at home: You take care of the house and are like the backbone of the family. But at the same time now you want to start earning something. While staying at home and taking care of your family, you can start some business in less space with less cost and with less staff. One such task is opening a grocery store.

Work from home business idea for woman: Today’s business idea for women who take care of their family but at the same time want to start their own small scale business is to open a grocery store. Now it depends on you how big a scale you want to open it, in the era of D Mart to Blinkit, it definitely becomes clear that grocery store is connected to everyone’s life. This is a very important matter. You can also start this work and if you want, you can start it with a different idea with less cost and less staff. Let us give you some important information which will help you in starting this work today-

According to rough information, the average store owner has a profit margin of 5 to 20 percent, but we would say that considering this as a target at the moment may be a misconception if you are going to start a business with low-cost. What is the place to start a grocery store, how big is it, what goods are you going to offer, what is your target audience. 300-500 square feet is enough for a small grocery store. A bigger version of a grocery store is a big supermarket which can be spread over 2 to 5 thousand square feet.

Whether you will take a space on lease for a grocery shop or if the house is big then you can set up a shop space in the corner accordingly – it completely depends on your pocket. However, for this you can also take advantage of government loan schemes… Click here to know about one such scheme.

Grocery Store – How to bring customers, set up POS, what to keep and what not…

Grocery business is a retail business and in this you can keep food items, kitchen, household cleaning items, fruits, vegetables, packaged food etc. You can use Point of Sale (PoS) to manage inventory. If you want, you can also tie up with an online app like Blinkti in the future, but for this you will have to hire staff, which will increase your costs, although customer reach will also increase.

You can also create your own app or online presence, which can be promoted through organic or paid services of social media, and you can also make people aware of your store and services by distributing pamphlets in your locality or society.

Before starting any new work, you have to obtain license and permission. Usually, a particular state has its own rules and regulations. You do not have to follow any special cumbersome formalities for grocery stores. Be sure to complete the necessary formalities like safety protocol certificate, challan from the municipal corporation department of your state. Get a retail business license under the Shops and Establishment Act of 1953, tax related registrations like TAN and GST number etc.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu has done Degree in Fine Arts and has knowledge about bollywood industry. He started writing in 2018. Since then he has been associated with Informalnewz. In case of any complain or feedback, please contact me @informalnewz@gmail.com
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