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Work Visa Update: Big News! If you have passport and marksheet, then all these countries are calling you by giving work visa; Will get job and good salary

Overseas job opportunities: A work visa is required to work abroad. Many countries provide work permit for foreign workers, but they need to present an attested passport of their home country and some other documents.

US: H-1B Visa

H-1B visas are granted to most foreign workers in the US. This visa is for those individuals who have specific employment qualifications.

Canada: Right to Work

You need a visa or work permit for Canada, in which you have to provide proof of your work. Canada has also introduced the Express Entry system which provides individuals with the opportunity to become permanent residents.

Australia: Work Visa

Australia offers work visas, which allow applicants to seek employment in the country. This visa is granted on the basis of passport along with other documents.

New Zealand: SSV Visa

The SSV (Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa) visa in New Zealand is provided to foreign workers who choose to work in the country with specific qualifications.

Countryvisa typeDescription
AmericaH-1B visaFor persons with special employability
CanadaWork Visa / Work Permithave to provide proof of work
Australiawork visaallows employment in the country
new zealandssv visaFor workers with special abilities


Apart from this, you can easily get Work Visa in these countries.

Countryperiod of timeRequirementsrequired documents
Germanysix monthsAbove 18 Years, Graduation, 5 Year Work Experience, Financial StabilityPassport issued in the last 10 years, Three passport photos, Cover letter, Proof of educational qualification, Proof of degree, CV, Health insurance, Aadhaar card or Birth certificate
Austriasix months70 Marks 100 List of High Level Workers, Skills and QualificationsValid passport, photo, proof of local residence, health insurance, documents that prove your eligibility
United Arab Emirates60, 90 or 120 daysLarge scale work in scientific, technical or humanitarian fields, Graduation from Best 500 University, Financial GuaranteeValid passport, color photograph and qualification certificate
spain12 to 24 monthsUniversity-level education, Private public medical insurance, Adequate funds, Score 6 or higherValid Passport, EX01 Form, Health Insurance Certificate, Educational Certificate Diploma
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