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Younger sister Asfi Javed came to beat Urfi Javed in bo*ldness, opened her coat in front of the camera and gave killer looks

Urfi Javed’s sister Asfi Javed’s new look is going viral on social media. In this photo, the actress is seen giving more than one pose in front of the camera wearing only a coat.

Urfi Javed Sister Asfi: You must have seen Urfi Javed many times in different clothes. But it seems that the hotness of Urfi Javed’s bo*ldness is now going up on the heads of her sisters too. The proof of this is the latest post of Asfi, sister of Urfi Javed. In which Asfi left the house wearing only a black color coat. The special thing is that Asfi gave more than one pose as soon as she saw the camera. Seeing these photos of Asfi, you will also say that her sister has been painted in the color of Urfi.

Only seen wearing a coat

In the pictures that surfaced, Urfi’s sister Asfi Javed is seen wearing only a black color coat. In the pictures, Asfi has opened the coat buttons, in these pictures Asfi was seen wearing a little black purse in her hand and black colored high heels.

A post shared by ASFI JAVED (@_asfi)

Loose coat buttons

Asfi Javed, sister of Urfi Javed, is also becoming bo*ld day by day. In the latest pictures, Asfi is seen opening the coat buttons and sometimes looking in front of the camera and sometimes on the other side. The special thing is that Asfi is sitting on the ground wearing a coat and giving more than one pose.

A post shared by Uorfi (@urf7i)

Photos going viral in minutes

Seeing these pictures of Asfi Javed are becoming viral on social media. Like Urfi, Asfi’s social media is also full of bo*ld and hot pictures. Seeing which you will say that even Urfi’s sister is not afraid to experiment in clothes on her side. Let us tell you, Urfi’s sister is a blogger and constantly shares her photos and pictures on social media.

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