Want to open a Facebook account? Keep your Aadhaar card by your side


NEW DELHI: Even though mandatory Aadhaar linkage to various services faces legal challenge and evokes privacy concerns, it seems Aadhaar is well on its way to become the most authentic identity proof.

Now even Facebook wants you to use your Aadhaar while creating a new account. Facebook is testing a new feature which encourages those opening new accounts to submit their names as in their Aadhaar cards. “Using the name on your Aadhaar card makes it easier for friends to recognise you,” says the prompt when one submits the name for a new account. However, not everyone sees this prompt while opening a new account. Facebook says this is a new feature and only a few of the users would see this, according to reports. According to Facebook, this is an optional prompt and users are not required to enter the name on their Aadhaar card.

Though the Facebook prompt can hardly be seen as something to evoke concerns over privacy since it is not asking for the Aadhaar number, the move is sure to gain attention since increasingly mandatory use of Aadhaar for various services has been opposed by several activists.

Facebook is not the first private agency to ask for Aadhaar details. A few weeks ago, online retailer Amazon had asked customers to upload their Aadhaar numbers to track lost packages. A Bengaluru-based car rental platform Zoomcar had said it won’t accept bookings without Aadhaar as proof of identity.

However, Amazon believes it has a secure form of storing information. “Amazon continues to look for the most robust practices towards customer support and this process is only done in limited cases where a detailed check is needed for a missing or wrong delivery. In such cases, customers are requested to upload a scanned copy of their Aadhaar card on their Amazon.in account, which is a secure form of storing information,” its spokesperson said.

Experts highlighted privacy risks of sharing Aadhaar information. “The use of Aadhaar in this manner could lead to privacy risks in terms of implications of publication of Aadhaar data, as well as the use of data including Aadhaar and other customer information that could lead to individual profiling,” said lawyer Smitha Prasad, project manager, Centre for Communication Governance at National Law University, Delhi

The Supreme Court has extended Aadhaar linking to all services to March 31, 2018. The move comes after the Centre extended Aadhaar linking for bank accounts holders by three more months from the earlier deadline of December 31.


  1. so now we can well understood the safety of ‘aadhaar’ by our govt. this is what ‘digital india’ wants….sell to corporates india as well people and loot….india will shine soon with bloodies……

  2. Sir/Madam 05.01.2018
    I sincerely think that a new case/lis is going on in the Indian society which is “personal interest Vs. National Interest”. And when we realize that the Adhar Card Liking is in the National interest it is OK but when we realize in terms of personal interest it is not good but a step-towards harassing a person from every corner from where he avails his services. Right to property has already been taken away by amending the constitution at the very beginning. Right to privacy is being harmed “as people thing “ by disclosing Aahdar card number to the service providers through Government’s instrumentalities will dispossesses them from the wealth accumulated by the people for their personal interest would be highly prejudiced by the Government.
    First and foremost we thing of the notational interest where employment for survival must be secured including the all welfare schemes provisions meant for the General public as enshrined in the Constitution of Indian. These objectives of welfare scheme cannot be secure unless and until our elected representative are good and honest enough to implement welfare scheme and use the Government’s Coffer in the right direction rather than siphoning of diversion of funds either for their personal interest or to the kin and kith of theirs. Unless there is wealthy and strong Central Government and equal distribution of all the resources among the states we cannot even think of attaining our dream constitutional objectives. In order to check accumulation of wealth in the private hands, concentration of economic power in a private hands. To check the and prevent the show off tendency of the high profile people it is necessary that everyone should be linked to a single number to trace his/her economic or other activities. One person dying in the village for want of money and medical facilities, while on the other hand one persons carrying diamond studded mobile phone of Rs. 100 corers, Is this our country India our mother land? where a big chasm between the haves and have’s not. How we will fill this gap. As for as my personal opinion is concerned these show off must end today or else there would be blind run for the accumulation of wealth and causing the main hindrance linking Aadhar card to the services we avail from the Government’s instrumentalities. Those who have dry bread want to share with other but those who have pudding do not want to share. This is the difference where some have no objection but others have because they have fear of exposure of their wealth.
    Now to talk about the personal interest the Adhar card liking is not safe to those who have hard earned money they accumulated little resources for their daily or monthly use or for a year so that their family expenses can be run successfully. A large section of people in India are daily struggling for their survival, from morning till late evening, their bags, lunch box, lap top on their back for work or for in search of Job. Large section of people belonging to peasant class, laborer class are doing labor either in agricultural filed or in a factory of any industry. And if their money is wiped away because of cyber crime due to linking of Aadhar card, mobile number, Pan Card or other particulars who will repay them for their genuine loss. There must be security and provision of speedy remedy for the their genuine complaint. In today condition is that the people having small amount in the bank is being wiped off by the miscreants and they are running towards the consumer forum or other authority where our glorious legal traditional system run. These people are very much aggrieved about this present digital system, the Government must secure the labor of honest people then there is no harm linking Aadhar card number to the service providing agency, it is clearly in the national interest.

    Sanjay Kumar , Advocate


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