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25-year-old woman gave birth to nine children simultaneously

The 25-year-old woman from Mali has given birth to nine children simultaneously.

Halima Sisey gave birth to nine children in a hospital in Morocco. The government of Mali arranged for him to be sent to Morocco for special care.

Halima’s husband told the BBC, “I am very happy that my wife and children are safe.”

In 2009, a woman living in the US, who had eight children simultaneously, has a Guinness World Record for having the most children.

Two such cases were also reported earlier. In 1971, a woman in Australia gave birth to nine children together and in 1999 a woman in Indonesia also gave birth to nine children, but these children were able to live for only a few days.

Nadya Suleman, who holds the world record, gave birth to eight children together who are now 12 years old, this pregnancy was done through in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Mali’s Health Minister Fanta Sibi has congratulated Mali and the Moroccan medical team for this.

Halima has given birth to children at Ann Borja Clinic in Morocco. Its director Professor Yousuf Aloui told the News AJC AFP, “This case was extremely rare and extraordinary. 10 doctors and 25 nurses and medical staff have delivered these children.

“Children weighing from 500 grams to 1 kg, these children will be kept in an incubator for two to three months.”

Halima’s pregnancy was in discussion throughout Mali. The doctors of West Africa were very concerned about this delivery. He feared that the children would not be able to live if they did not get the necessary care – in the midst of all these concerns, the Mali government sent Halima to Morocco.

On 30 March, she came to Morocco and gave birth to children through a C-section operation on Tuesday after five weeks.

Halima’s husband Adjudant Kader Arbi is currently in the goods and taking care of his elder daughter. But he said that he is in constant touch with his wife.

He told the BBC – God has given us children and he will decide what will happen next, I am not upset at all.

What is the reason behind this kind of pregnancy?
Rhoda Odhiyambo, BBC Health Affairs Correspondent, Nairobi

Usually this type of pregnancy is not natural – such fertility is done with some fertility treatment. However, no information has been revealed about how this has happened in the case of Halima Sise.

Gynecologist Bill Kalumi of Kenyatta National Hospital in Kenya believes that fertility treatment is the reason. There can be many reasons for taking treatment related to fertility.

In Africa, when most women take any contraceptive, fertility drugs are given to treat the problems related to harmen. This delays the menstrual cycle of women and when their periods come, not one egg but many eggs come out of the body.

In this way, the delivery that gives birth to many children is not only difficult for the children but also very risky for the mother as well. In a country where abortion is legally recognized, women are advised not to conceive more than four children at once.

Mostly in such a pregnancy, children are born premature (before time), as seen in the case of Sisea.

Children who are born before 37 weeks are called prematures. In such children, immunity is low and the risk of infection is high. In many cases the brain of such children is not developed properly.

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