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7th Pay Commission: 16% increase in DA, order issued, good news for employees

7th Pay Commission: There is good news for the employees. In fact, once again his dearness allowance has been increased. An order has been issued regarding the revised rate of dearness allowance. Employees will get its benefit from January 1, 2023. Also, an amount of up to ₹ 35000 can be seen in his account. They will be paid the arrears.

The rates of dearness allowance for the employees of Central Government and Central Autonomous Body have been revised. Under the fifth pay scale, the dearness allowance of the employees has been increased. Along with this, dearness allowance has been increased by 16 percent.

5 months balance payment

The existing rate of 396% of the basic pay has been increased to 412% for drawing pay in the pre-revised pay scales as per the 5th central pay commission. It will be made effective from 1 January 2023. Arrears of 5 months to be given to the employees

Explain that under the Ministry’s order dated October 3, 1997, under the office memorandum provision, it will be kept in force while regulating the dearness allowance. Under the administrative control of the same Ministry/Department, instructions have been given to all the organizations adopting Central Government pay scales to complete this process.

4% or 3% increase in DA

Earlier, dearness allowance for central employees was increased at the rate of 4 per cent in January. It was implemented from 1 January. And it was announced in March. Arrears were given to the employees. At the same time, dearness allowance can also be increased by 4 percent or 3 percent for the next half year. Along with this, the dearness allowance can be increased up to 45 or 46 percent.

The latest 7th Pay Commission news reveals that central government employees are expected to receive a hike in their dearness allowance starting July. The dearness allowance hike is, however, yet to be announced by the government. The government is planning to increase the dearness allowance for the first time during the current financial year. Based on the April data of AICPI (All India Consumer Price Index), it is highly likely that the salary of the employees will be increased by about 3 to 3 percent as dearness allowance. There will be an increase of 4 percent. The extent of this increase will also depend on the data recorded in the months of May and June. The AICPI-friendly figures could lead to a 4 per cent hike in both Dearness Allowance and Dearness Relief during these months.

Let us look at the extent of the expected DA hike. At present, central employees get 42 per cent dearness allowance. If the dearness allowance is increased by another 4 percent, then the dearness allowance of the employees will increase to 46 percent. Media reports suggest that the AICPI figure for April is 134 . 2 marks, resulting in a DA score of 45.06. The index is expected to reach 46.40 during May and June, thus increasing DA by 4 percent.

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