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7th Pay Commission: 3 big decisions – Lottery for employees, there will be a bumper increase in salary

7th Pay Commission 2023: The coming year can be very good for central employees. In the year 2023,there are chances of a bumper increase in his salary . Along with this, they are also waiting to receive many gifts. They will get the gift of dearness allowance (DA Hike) . But, the government can take a total of 3 decisions for central employees.

The biggest advantage among these is in the matter of salary. The demand that has been going on for a long time is that of fitment factor . The government can take a decision on this in the year 2023. Experts believe that the government can give gifts to the central government employees before the 2024 elections . Apart from this, a decision can also be taken on dearness allowance and old pension scheme .

7th Pay Commission Fitment Factor News: Fitment factor will increase

Central government employees are likely to get the biggest gift ever. Dearness allowance, HRA, TA, fitment factor after promotion can also be discussed. If sources are to be believed, the government may directly consider increasing the salary of the employees by Rs 8,000 . By increasing the fitment factor, the government can strengthen the employee base. Currently, under the 7th pay commission, central employees get Rs 18,000 as minimum pay . If sources are to be believed, the fitment factor of central and state employees may be increased next year.

Dearness allowance will increase again

Like every year, there will be an increase in the dearness allowance of central employees in the year 2023 as well. Looking at the inflation figures so far, it seems that 4 percent DA Hike can happen. If the index continues to grow rapidly in these 3 months, then 4 percent is confirmed. If there is still a break in the index or a decline in it, then a gain of 3 percent is also possible.

Will I get the benefit of the old pension scheme?

The biggest gift the government can give to central employees. In the year 2023, Purani Pension Yojana can also be implemented. There has been a demand for a long time that old pension should be implemented. Some states have implemented the old pension keeping the election promises. If sources are to be believed, the Modi government can implement it for central employees before the year 2024 under the 7th Pay Commission . Opinion was sought from the Law Ministry of the Central Government regarding the Old Pension Scheme (OPS ) . It was asked in which department the Old Pension Yojana can be implemented.

Parvesh Maurya
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