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Aadhaar latest News: With the help of Aadhaar, you can also renew these 15 documents with a driving licence, you will be able to work online like this …

Aadhaar News: If you want to renew your driving license and you are afraid of going round the Transport Department, then you do not have to be afraid now. With the help of your Aadhaar card, you can instantly renew other documents of the car with a driving license online, sitting at home comfortably.

Also tell you that with the help of Aadhaar services you can find online services such as Learners License, Renewal of Driving License, Change of Address in Driving License, Registration of Vehicles Registration Certificate, Issue of International Driving License and Transfer of Ownership along with Transfer Notice of any vehicle Can avail facilities like application

Road Transport Ministry draft

According to a draft prepared by the Ministry of Road Transport, any person can avail contact less service online through Aadhaar authentication. It also says that until a person gets Aadhaar, a facility like contact less service cannot be provided. The Ministry of Road Transport has sought the suggestions and objections of the people on this draft. This draft of the Ministry of Road Transport is proposed under the Good Governance Rule. This includes social welfare, innovation and knowledge etc.

Documents can also be renewed by going to transport department

According to the new rules of the Ministry of Road Transport, this exercise has been done to use Aadhaar authentication to make life easier for people. An official of the ministry said that those who do not want the help of Aadhaar authentication to get their documents made or renewed, can get the facility to go to the office of the Transport Department to do such work.

Will get rid of fake documents

The official also said that with the help of Aadhaar authentication, the government will help in getting the fake documents out of the system. With the help of this process, the government also wants to control people having more than one driving license. There is a lot of difficulty in ensuring road safety in India because of such people.

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People want contact less service after Corona epidemic

Another official said that after the coronavirus crisis, many people want to use contact less or online service. Because of this, this initiative of the government can prove to be very successful. It has been asked to the state governments to try to spread information to make such initiative popular among people.



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