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Aamir Khan gori mem looks so beautiful even at the age of 52, it will be difficult to take your eyes off!

Aamir Khan’s film ‘Lagaan’ created many records. A special character in this film was Gori Mem played by Elizabeth Rachel. But you know where is that Gori Mem today and what does she do?

New Delhi: In the year 2001, there was a film ‘Lagaan’. Aamir Khan’s role in this film is still one of the best roles of his career. The film was brought to life by Aamir’s Gori Mem, who helped Aamir and his team win cricket. Do you know what she still looks like 20 years after the film’s release?

Lagaan Ki Gori Mem

All the characters of the film ‘Lagaan’ did a great job of working hard to get the rent waived. Seeing which it seems as if all this is actually happening. The popularity of this film is still intact as it was before. Every character of the film left its mark on the hearts of the people. One of these characters was of Gori Mem. Whose character people still remember. Yes, we are talking about Rachel Shale, who plays Elizabeth Russell in the film. Who supported the truth in the film and also helped him. Well, let us tell you that the latest picture of the English meme has come out. Which has become viral as soon as it comes on social media. Seeing which people say that she looks exactly 16 years old girl.

A post shared by rachel shelley (@rachelshelley)

Picture that went viral

Let us tell you that this picture of Rachel has been shared by her fan page on Instagram. With which she is seen layering a baby pink color jacket with the top. In which she is looking very beautiful. Her casual look is being liked a lot by the people. In the comment box of this post where some people have reacted by sharing emoji. At the same time, many people say that it is not easy to guess their age in the pictures. While some social media users have praised his work in the film ‘Lagaan’. It is also written that he once again wants to see him working in Hindi films.

A post shared by rachel shelley (@rachelshelley)

Rachael stays away from social media

It is worth noting that there is no official Instagram page of Rachel. In such a situation, it can be guessed that she stays away from social media. However, her fan page definitely exists. On which some or the other picture of the actress is shared every day. Many of these pictures have been done during the film ‘Lagaan’. Which her fans like very much.

A post shared by rachel shelley (@rachelshelley)

Rachel has worked in many films

For your information, let us tell you that actress Rachel has worked in many Hollywood films. But talking about Bollywood films, she appeared only in the film ‘Lagaan’. In which her acting was liked so much that he was also nominated for Oscar. It is worth noting that Rachael is an actress as well as a model and writer. She is best known for playing Helena Peabody in the series ‘The L Word’.

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