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AC Cooling Tips : 10 simple tips to get better cooling from your ACs, See here

AC Cooling Tips : Summers are here. Temperature in most parts of the country has already touched 30 degree celsius and 40 degree is not far. It’s time to get your ACs well in shape. Time to get them serviced if need be (is a general good practice). Here are some simple tips to get better cooling from your ACs this summer.

Ensure that the AC is operating in ‘Cool mode’

ACs today come with multiple cooling modes such as Cool, Dry, Hot, Fan and more. For better cooling efficiency, make sure that the AC is set to Cool mode.

Dirty and blocked filter and reduce cooling efficiency

A clogged AC filter can reduce the airflow and end up reducing the cooling efficiency of the AC. It is advised to clean the filters every two weeks for better airflow and cooling. Also, ensure that there is no dust or debris in filter vents to help maintain steady airflow.‘

Ensure that there’s no escape for air from the room

For better cooling effect, make sure that all the doors, windows, etc are closed properly to keep the cold air trapped in the room. Also, prevent doors and windows from opening and closing repeatedly.

Direct sunlight affects cooling effect

One reason behind reduced cooling efficiency could be due to sunlight. If the room is directly exposed to sunlight then it can make the AC work hard to cool the room. For better results, close the curtains on windows and doors to avoid direct sunlight from getting into the room. If possible use thick curtains or dual-layer curtains.

Room size and AC capacity is directly proportional

Choosing the right capacity of the AC for the room is important as it affects the effectiveness of the AC. If the room size is bigger than the AC capacity, cooling will be less effective. Usually, the recommended size is 1-ton AC for 100 Sq Ft area; 1.5-ton for 150Sq Ft and 2-ton for 200 Sq Ft.

Cooling efficiency also depends on number of people in the room

The number of individuals present in a room can also impact cooling efficiency. While the cooling efficiency of an air conditioning unit is determined by the room’s size and the area, the number of people in the room is another factor that affects its efficiency. Simply put, more people = slow cooling.

Keep outdoor unit under the shade or covered

In case of split ACs, the outdoor unit is usually exposed to direct sunlight. This can affect the cooling as well. Make sure that the outdoor unit is placed in a shaded area.

Avoid blocking the airflow of outdoor unit

Always try to keep the area around the outdoor unit obstruction-free for a better airflow. It is advisable not to keep any large object near the outdoor unit that may obstruct the airflow.

Regular maintenance is important

It is important to get the ACs serviced timely. This will ensure that the AC is in best condition possible for better cooling.

Use the AC in 100% capacity

Modern ACs that come with inverter technology offer users the option to reduce the load to save power. But, for better cooling, it is recommended to use the AC at 100% capacity.Today Bank Holiday: Banks will remain closed in these cities today due to Ramnavami, check full list

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