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Advantages and disadvantages of corona vaccine

Hello friends welcome to informalnewz. The corona epidemic in 2019 has been causing havoc all over the world since 2020 and till now. In this corona epidemic, many people lost their close ones, thousands of children became orphans and a poor person became even poorer in this corona crisis.

Whenever an epidemic comes, it does not leave its effect only on a particular class or only some special people, but the epidemic shakes the entire human society. And this corona epidemic appears to be the ancestor of all the previous epidemics. Because till date such a global pandemic had never been seen in the whole world.

It is said that whenever there is a problem, that problem also brings a solution with it. Just keep looking for that solution. Similarly, this corona epidemic came as a problem, but our sharp-minded scientists found a solution to this problem. Although it took some time and many lives were also lost in that time interval. But still it came for a while but it came right.

Many vaccines have been made so far to protect against COVID-19 and are still being made. Vaccines like Co-Vaccine and Covishield are being used in India. So here a question arises that if we take corona vaccine then what will be its advantages and disadvantages. So today we will also know about the advantages and disadvantages of corona vaccine in full detail so that all the questions related to corona vaccine in your mind are eliminated.

In this article you will know –

Advantages and disadvantages of corona vaccine

  • How does Corona Vaccine work?
  • benefits of corona vaccine
  • disadvantages of corona vaccine

Advantages and disadvantages of corona vaccine 

It is obvious that whatever we benefit from, we also suffer some loss. In the same way, we get benefits from this corona vaccine and there are also some disadvantages about which we will know further. But before knowing the advantages and disadvantages of corona vaccine, it is important to know that how does corona vaccine work in our body?

So let’s know that –

How does Corona Vaccine work?

As you all know that we have to take two doses of corona vaccine, in which the second dose has to be taken after 4 weeks i.e. 28 days. When we take the first dose of corona vaccine, it produces some antibodies in our body. Which increases the immunity system of our body. So that our body is able to fight against corona virus.

It is essential to take both doses of the vaccine to get the full benefit of the vaccine.

NOTE:- Even after taking both the doses of corona vaccine, it is important to wear a mask, wash hands often and keep distance from crowded areas. Because only the immunity inside your body has been increased to fight the corona virus.

So let us now know what are the advantages and disadvantages of corona vaccine?

benefits of corona vaccine

The full benefit of the corona vaccine can be availed only when we take both the doses of the vaccine at the correct time interval. When we take the corona vaccine, we will have the following benefits-

By taking the vaccine, antibodies are produced in our body, which enables us to fight the corona virus.

By taking the vaccine, a person is protected from getting seriously ill. And it is very beneficial for those who take the vaccine.

The Kovid-19 vaccine not only keeps you safe from the corona virus, but also protects the people around you from getting serious diseases like corona virus.

So here are some of the benefits of corona vaccine that a person taking a vaccine will have.

Disadvantages of corona vaccine 

If we talk about the harm of Kovid-19 vaccine, then there are some common side effects of this vaccine and these side effects will disappear after a few days of taking the vaccine, so let’s talk about those side effects in detail one by one. know-

After taking the vaccine, there may be slight pain in the part of our body where we have got the vaccine, or that place may swell slightly and this is a normal condition after taking any vaccine.

After vaccination, some people will see some of the following symptoms-



mild fever and

Symptoms like muscle pain will appear, which will disappear on their own after two to three days.

Some people taking the vaccine, ie in rare cases, may have an allergic reaction. But the chances are very less.

NOTE:- If you are seeing any different type of symptoms after taking the vaccine, then consult your doctor immediately.

I hope now you have got complete information about the advantages and disadvantages of corona vaccine. If you found this article helpful, then definitely share this article with your friends so that they can also clear all the doubts related to corona vaccine.


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