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ITR: Double benefit is available on filing Income Tax Return from Aadhaar, know how

Many people are still not aware whether they can file Income Tax Return even if they do not have a PAN card. In the absence of PAN number, income tax return can be filed through Aadhaar. The taxpayer also gets a double benefit by filing income tax return through Aadhaar. Any person can file his Income Tax Return through Aadhaar Card. The biggest advantage of this is that if you file your income tax return through Aadhaar number, then the Income Tax Department will automatically provide you PAN card. Apart from this, your Aadhaar-PAN linking will also be done. The facility to file ITR through Aadhaar was provided by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) so that more and more people would be able to file returns.

At present, only 22 crore people in the country have linked PAN card with Aadhaar, while more than 120 crore people in the country have Aadhaar card. If a person files ITR through Aadhaar, then he will get the benefit that his Aadhaar and PAN card will be linked automatically.

The importance of PAN card remains intact:

Even though Income Tax Return will be filed through Aadhaar Card, but the importance of PAN Card will not end. PAN card will be necessary for financial transactions.

PAN card can be issued:

On filing the return from Aadhaar, complete information of taxpayers will come in the database of Income Tax Department. After this, the Income Tax Department will allot the PAN card to the taxpayer after matching the details. According to the CBDT, the officer will have the right to issue PAN card as well as link it with Aadhaar.



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