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Ajinkya Rahane: On the controversy over the Corona Protocol, Ajinkya Rahane said, ‘Staying in Quarantine is a challenge, but we are not worried’

Ajinkya Rahane wants to focus his attention and the team completely on the Sydney Test, bypassing the controversy over the Brisbane Test. He says that Indian players are ready for any kind of situation.

Sydney: Team India’s acting captain Ajinkya Rahane has tried to reduce the controversy about Quarantine. Rahane has said that his team is not bothered by the strict rules, but he believed that when life outside the 5 Star Hotel seems normal then staying locked in rooms is a challenge.

For many days, news was coming that the Indian team is unhappy due to the rules of Quarantine in Sydney . Players have to stay in the hotel and even stricter rules have been issued for the fourth Test match in Brisbane where players will not be able to get out of their rooms.

Indian captain Rahane (Ajinkya Rahane ) said in response to many questions asked about this, ‘We are not disturbed by this but yes it is somewhat challenging because life seems normal in Sydney. We are not disturbed at all because we know what our priorities are here.

It is believed that there will be a bio bubble like IPL in Queensland where players can meet each other. Rahane, ignoring the news of the tour, made it clear that the team’s focus is on the third Test match starting in Sydney from Thursday.

Rahane said, ‘We are all ready and we want to play good cricket. We know that life is normal in Sydney but the player is limited to his room which is fine. We know how to deal with it and we are ready for any kind of situation.

Rahane said, ‘We are not complaining about anything and just focusing on the match. We want to start well. When Rahane was giving the same answer to all the questions related to the Quarantine, he also postponed the question about the possibility of the team returning home after the end of the third Test match in Sydney.

He said, ‘We are players and are only focusing on this Test match and the management will decide. As far as we are concerned, it is associated with doing our best on the field. The Test match starts tomorrow and we want to win the match by doing well as a team.

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The top officials of BCCI and Cricket Australia are talking about possible relief to the players in Queensland. Rahane said, ‘If the players are together on the field then how can they be confined to the rooms when they reach the hotel. At least they can talk to each other and have a meal together in the evening.




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