Bank account is safe, SBI told what to do and what not to do


Keeping your bank account safe requires protecting your devices from dangerous malware. A video has been shared on the official Twitter account by State Bank of India, explaining how to do this. This video explains what account holders should and should not do with USB devices.

keep a New Delhi bank account safe, it is necessary to keep your devices safe from malware and other such threats. Malware infections can easily occur with the help of USB devices as they are installed on many devices and use users without worrying about safety. State Bank of India has explained how to be safe while using USB devices responsible for data theft and virus infection.

Some safety tips from SBI have been shared through the official Twitter account. The tweet on @TheOfficialSBI account reads, ‘If you use carelessly then your USB device may be infected with some dangerous malware. Follow the tips given below to keep your device protected from malware. ‘ This tweet itself contains a short video, which tells what to do and what not to do.

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What to do?
– Scan the latest antivirus before accessing the USB device.
– Put password protection on the device.
– Encrypt files and folders associated with the bank statement.
Use USB Security Products to copy data to USB.

Will Increase, What Not To Do?
– Do not accept any kind of promotional USB device from unknown people.
Never keep your sensitive information like bank details and password on USB disk.
– Never plug your USB device into a virus infected system.


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