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Big News: Before the eggs hatch, the chickens will turn into chicken, know what is this special technique

The CEO of Israeli start-up Sous Technology said that if this experiment is successful, then the male chicks will be saved from killing.

Jerusalem: Every year about 700 crore male chicks are killed because they are not needed in the chicken industry. Chicken industry has more demand for chickens. But now Israel’s start-up has found a new way to save the male chicks from being killed. Under this, the gender of these chicks will be changed before the eggs are released.

What is this new technology?

The chickens around the world kill male chickens because later on, these chickens are not financially beneficial. They can neither lay eggs, and they are also economically burdened to raise them for meat. Therefore, they are killed by giving them gas or putting them in a shredding machine.

Please also tell you here that half of the eggs that chickens lay, are male chickens.

According to a report published in The Guardian, Israel (Israel) has adopted a unique way to stop the killing of these chicks. The discovery of an Israeli start-up Soos Technology will change the gender of chicks before they hatch. These male chickens will be transformed into female chickens, which will prevent their death.

This is how the gene of chicks will be changed

Start up Soos Technology was launched in the year 2017. After this, an investment of $ 3.3 million i.e. 24.08 crore was also made. Now the company is working in this field to change the sex of the fetus in commercial poultry farms and when it develops, the female chicks are released from the egg. For this, it will use the start-up sound vibration technology. The company’s CEO, Yael Altar, said that when we put eggs on sound vibrations, the gene of male chicks changes.

Yale told that his company is still experimenting on it. However, during the sound vibration experiment 60 per cent of the eggs showed gene changes.

The CEO of Suss Technology said that if this experiment is successful, then the male chicks will be saved from dying. Through this technique, the gender of chickens will be converted into chickens.

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Experimentation is being done in many countries

This start up is currently using it in three countries. These countries are Israel, America and Italy. The company is also working on that on seeing the egg it can be ascertained whether the male chick will come out of it or the female. For this, the help of optical technology and egg fluid samples is being taken. Under this, it is first tested with optical technology by taking egg fluid sample and then its gender is changed by sound vibration technique.

Many countries have come together against the killing of male chicks and want to adopt new technology. European countries are serious about banning this practice.




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