Big news: Owners of the 135-room palace sold for less than Rs 100, forced to live in the palace of the Arabs


It is true that anyone’s time can change anytime. A king can be a rake anytime and a raka can be a king anytime. Till now you must have seen the story of the ruin of kings in films but recently there has been an incident in Germany which has surprised everyone. The life of King Ernst August of the city of Hannover, Germany has changed completely.

After fulfilling the basic requirements of bread, cloth and house, a person focuses on other expenses of his life. Everyone wants to have their own house, where they can live peacefully. King Ernst August of Germany lived a life of luxury in his palace. Then in 2000, he handed over his ancestral palace, Marinburg, to his son Ernst August Jr.

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Ernst August’s son has sold a 135-room Arab palace to the government there for just 1 euro, or 87 rupees. Due to this son’s craze, the father is forced to live in a lodge in another country. Ernst August thought that after him his son would look after this palace, but it happened the opposite. This news has put Ernst August in a panic and he has filed a case against his own son.

According to Ernst August, his ancestral palace cannot be sold without his permission. He has also started legal action to get her back. At the same time, Ernst August Jr. has also presented his explanation on this matter.

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