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Big News! Railway’s new rule regarding ticket and reservation, see here

For the innocence of the new rule made by the Indian Railways for the people traveling without tickets, both the government and the railways feel like going to shock. The game of giving 100 / 200 to TTE for the rest of the short distance and 500 for the long distance will go on more strongly.

What is innocence and its culmination? There can be one lakh answers to this small question, but if someone asks me, without wasting a minute my answer will be Indian Railways and its strange rules. So Guru is such that news related to railways was a daily thing till now. But the speed with which the railways is altering the rules, it is our guarantee that even the cobra does not change its slough as fast. The point is that change creates new ones, but the fun is when change is creative, whether it can man Prayagraj to Allahabad and poor man to get out of the jam on the civil line like before by rickshaw and sometimes by e-rickshaw. Make a struggle Friends, the issue is not Allahabad but railways, so first know the news related to the new rule.

In fact, many times it happens that we suddenly have to travel by train without any predetermined planning. When the situation is like this, then the question of getting reservation in the train does not arise. And if there is a festival somewhere, there is no need to tell how the situation is, everyone knows what happens. It is the luck of the man if he gets a Tatkal ticket. Those who have experienced it in their life will know that which papads do not have to be made by us and you to travel in the train during peak times or festivals.

After so many years of independence, now the railway has taken care of it and has made a unique rule of its kind. Railway is saying that even if you do not have a confirmed railway ticket or you have not made a reservation, you can still travel in the train. . According to Indian Railways, if you do not have both ticket and reservation and it is very important for you to go somewhere, then there is no need to panic, you can go easily. For this you must have a bus platform ticket.

Meaning if the man has a platform ticket, you can board the train, but as soon as you reach the train, you will have to contact the TTE of the train. TTE will make the ticket till the destination easily. It has also been said from the railways that in such a situation, you will have to pay the total fare of the journey along with a penalty charge of Rs 250 to Joker TTE and you will get your ticket.

But yes, some terms and conditions have also been imposed by the railways in making tickets like this. Railways is saying that if the seat is not vacant in the train, they can refuse to give you a reserve seat. But since you will have a platform ticket, there is nothing to panic.

Significantly, the passenger will have to pay the fare from the same station from where he has taken the platform ticket. While charging the fare, the departure station will also be considered as the same station and the biggest thing is that you will also have to pay the fare of the same class in which you will be traveling.

As we had mentioned above that change is necessary for any new creation and it is important when the change is new, it is creative. After this new rule of Indian Railways, a question is what is new in this rule? Leaving the clause of platform ticket, the tradition of meeting TTE without taking ticket is old in the country.

Remember your train journeys. Many times you must have heard people talking to TTE saying – listen uncle please or else you must have seen people talking to TTE near the bathroom. You may have also seen people settling the matter by paying some money to TTE Sir.

The matter is very clear and straight forward, for the innocence that the Indian Railways has made for the people traveling without tickets, for that naivety, both the government and the railways want to be shocked, as the worm of corruption is inside us Indians in this matter. There is no doubt that the game giving TTE Uncle 100 / 200 for short distance travel and 500 for long distance will go on stronger now. Will walk on sting and walk without any fear.



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