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Bulldozer on illegal construction in Budhera

Gurugram The action of the District Town Planner (DTP) against the illegal construction continues. In this sequence, on Wednesday, the department took action against the illegal construction in village Budhera. During this time, around 100 policemen were present on the spot in view of the people’s protest. The District Municipal Planner Department had been receiving complaints of illegal construction in Budhera for a long time, which was first inspected by the authorities.

On Wednesday, the team along with 3 bulldozers led by District Municipal Planner (DTP) RS Baath reached the spot and demolished the illegal construction on confirmation of illegal construction. During the operation, 6 under-construction shops and 5 large structures were demolished. The vandalism process continued till late evening.

During this time DTP RS Baath directed the people not to make illegal constructions. He said that illegal construction will not be tolerated under any circumstances and that doing so will inevitably lead to sabotage and people will face needless financial loss. Assistant city planners Ashish Sharma and JE Basant were present along with the DTP during the operation.



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