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UP News: ‘Sancharbandi’ implemented in Corona-stricken Maharashtra, now calls for complete lockdown coming from UP

After the Allahabad High Court’s comment, the possibility of lockdown in Uttar Pradesh has also started deepening. The court has said that the way in which the corona cases are increasing in the state, the state government should consider a two-three week lockdown in the state.

Lucknow: The mini-lockdown has been imposed in the most affected state of Maharashtra in the country with the corona virus. On Tuesday, the Uddhav Thackeray government announced this, saying that by April 30, people will be unnecessarily forbidden to leave the house. During this period Section 144 will remain in force in the state. At the same time, after Maharashtra, the country’s most populous state Uttar Pradesh has also heard the call of lockdown again.

On Tuesday, the Allahabad High Court has advised the Yogi Adityanath government of the state to consider a complete lockdown of two-three weeks. Hearing the PIL filed in the Corona case, a division bench of Justices Siddharth Verma and Justice Ajit Kumar said on Tuesday that the Knight or Corona curfew are small steps to stop the spread of infection. It is not correct to impose lockdown, but given the way the infection is spreading, the government should consider lockdown in cities with more infections.

CM Yogi not in the mood to lockdown

However, CM Yogi Adityanath is not in favor of a lockdown in the state again. He recently said that he has to save the lives of people in the state and also save Ajivika. Earlier, Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray also announced not to re-install the lockdown in his state. But when the situation in the state worsened, he had to think about its limited restrictions.

Bad condition of lucknow

In Uttar Pradesh too, the situation is getting worse gradually. The condition of the capital Lucknow is the worst. Thousands of new patients are coming there every day. Cremation ghats have lines of corpses. People are still seen on the streets without masks. Apart from this, the situation is expected to worsen when people who take part in Haridwar Kumbh return. The migrant laborers who went there after the mini lockdown in Mumbai are returning to their homes once again. In such a situation, the pace of infection is expected to intensify in the coming days.

Migrant laborers coming back

The rush of workers in trains coming from Mumbai and Surat is not taking the name of stoppage. The continuation of workers continued on Tuesday. Many trains including Pushpak Express, LTT-Lucknow Superfast, Kushinagar Express and, LTT Special, LTT-Gorakhpur Superfast traveled to Lucknow by traveling to the gallery of passenger coaches. Despite all the claims, 25 percent of the passengers at the stations could not get corona check.


The need for a lockdown to deal with these situations cannot be ruled out. However, it is believed that if the lockdown is not complete, the restrictions in the state can be made more stringent. Arrangements like night curfew and weekend lockdown have already been made in many districts of the state.

Virus reproduction rate is highest in UP

A study by the Chennai Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Dr. Suryakanth, Chairman of KGMU’s Department of Respiratory Medicine and VC of IMA MS, has made a big disclosure on Tuesday. He said that according to the study, the fertility of the virus at the national level is 1.32, while in Uttar Pradesh it has reached 2.14. The reproductin value, or R value, refers to how many people the virus is transmitting from an infected.



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