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Covid’s Commentary: Can We Ask the Right Questions?

A great philosopher of the 19th century, found that the answers that intellectuals are presenting to deeper problems are not only wrong, but the questions before them are also wrong. Many such misleading questions related to Covid’s vaccine have been put in front of the public, in whose search we can keep dancing in a fixed circle for a long time. Just as a pet dances trying to catch its tail, or as an ox moves in a crusher.

Among the questions put before the Indian public, the following are:

  • Why is the government hesitating to give free Covid vaccine to all people?

  • Why did the government approve the use of a vaccine in a hurry, without sufficient data for clinical trials?

  • Whether to believe these vaccines or not, will they work or will they harm us?

To answer these questions, the main things that people are circling around are:

  •  The government is not liberal. She does not understand the economic difficulties of the poor and middle class. That is why she is reluctant to give free vaccine to everyone. If the cost of a vaccine is one thousand rupees, there are 10 people including children, young people and old people in a family, then from where will they bring 20 thousand rupees for these vaccines? The government should open its treasury in times of crisis, so that the common people can get relief.

  • Corrupt people are included in the government, so on the basis of money transfer, vaccines of that company are being approved in a hurry. The government is under pressure from indigenous pharmaceutical companies as well as the government of England and America and foreign firms.

  • These vaccines can be believed only when the Prime Minister of India, members of his cabinet and top officials get it first introduced. All the above answer is not wrong. In the name of Covid, there is a lot of economic corruption going on globally, and a considerable percentage of this loot is reaching politicians, political parties and special experts and bureaucrats. However, this game is not limited here. If we consider other than the ongoing debate about Covid’s vaccine, we will be able to get closer to the original issue. For example, in this regard, some of the right questions can be:

  • Who invested in the manufacture and distribution of vaccines?

  • Who carries out health policies in most countries of the world including India? And, 

  • Do We Really Need a Vaccine? First let us see if the Indian government is skipping in opening the treasury for free vaccine? In May 2020, the government announced the release of Rs 20 lakh crore under the Covid-Relief Package. But very few people will know that out of this, 13 thousand crores were for giving free vaccine to all domestic animals of India. Union Animal Husbandry Minister Giriraj Singh once informed about this enthusiastically on TV, after which he remained silent. Maybe he felt that questions would be raised if the public attention would be more towards this. When the disease is getting to the man, then why is the vaccine for animals being purchased by the relief package issued for it?

    These vaccines were given to animals for non-covid diseases. Vaccines were purchased for all 53 crore animals in India. There was no difference between common and special animals. As is being done in the case of humans, first the frontline will be given to the workers, then the elderly will get to the sick, then the common people.  The government, which is so generous to our animals, can guess what it will do to humans! In the same week, the Government of India has given ‘quick approval’ to use two vaccines of Covid. One of these is the Indian version of Oxford-AstraZeneca, which is made by the company called Serum Institute of India under the name of “Kovishield”. The second vaccine is named “Covicine”. It is also being called indigenous vaccine. It is made by a company called Bharat Biotech. Government of India approved both these vaccines.

The new drug and diagnostic test
is given under the rules (notified in the Gazette on March 19, 2019). The new rule provides for “quick approval” for the use of vaccines / drugs under “special circumstances” . Both vaccines corresponding to “accelerated approval” has been approved under the provisions of that which does not know the people involved in the government media and themselves confused with emergency use permit” are saying. Similarly, Bharat Biotech’s Kovaxin is being called a “back-up” vaccine for some unknown reason in the media . Actually both these things are meaningless. This is not an immediate permission, nor is one vaccine major and the other the alleged “back-up”. Government these two vaccines

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Approval of the use of both can be done. It is a matter of which government will purchase which of these vaccines; All people will get free vaccine or only few people – the government has not yet fully opened its cards on these questions. It is not yet clear how those who do not want to take the vaccine will be dealt with. The question here is meaningless as to why the government has not opened its cards in this regard yet. The answer to this question will lead us to the Gangotri of economic corruption, where commissions are negotiated within closed rooms. Going to that well known fact is not the purpose of this article. In fact, the Bill and Milinda Gates Foundation’s investment and monopoly in the field of vaccination has increased in most countries of the world, including India.

In the year 2000, the Global Alliances for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) vaccination for humans was formed globally . The GAVI manual states that GAVI (for the discovery and production of vaccines), donating countries, private companies and people, the World Health Organization, UNICEF, (large) companies engaged in the discovery and manufacture of vaccines, the Bill and Milinda Gates Foundation and Other philanthropic organizations will work under a unique business-partnership model to bring together developing and poor countries (which are the largest market for vaccines). Around the world, almost all policies related to vaccination of humans are affected by Gavi’s policies. In many cases, it makes policies for it, mobilizes investment and is a major contributor to the profits it generates. Gavi’s founding organization, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which in 1999 it invested “seed money” of 750 million US dollars to set up was and still is its biggest investor. In fact, Gavi has been Bill Gates’ JB organization since his birth. Initially he used the technical and intellectual power created by this institution to influence the policies of the World Health Organization (WHO). However, recently he has also become the largest donor to the WHO and is now in control of these two institutions that operate the global health system . Not only in the case of human immunization, but also in making policies for the vaccination of animals around the world, Gates Foundation plays a key role behind the scenes. Like Gavi, the Global Alliance for Live Stock Veterinary Medicines (GALVMed – GALVmed) has taken up the global responsibility of making animal vaccination policies . The institution was formed in 2005 through seed funding by the UK’s Department for International Development, but started massive funding from the Gates Foundation from 2008, after which the foundation’s grip on it became stronger. Galvamed’s lobby is very active in influencing animal vaccination policies throughout South Asia, including India.Since the Indian government has not yet given any information about which companies have purchased the vaccine for the Rs 13 thousand crores released for animal vaccination, the game behind it has not been revealed yet. Nonetheless, let us return to the Covid vaccine. Gavi is supported by Covid’s vaccine ‘Kovishield’ produced by the Indian company Serum Institute, Pune in India . Gavi has invested $ 300 million for ‘Kovishield’ at the Serum Institute. This amount has been given to the Serum Institute by Gavi, but it is a well-known fact that the money came from Bill Gates. This is the reason why even the newspapers have not hesitated to tell it directly the amount given by the Gates Foundation. In August 2020, when Gavi tied up with Serum Institute, one of the leading English newspapers in India published the news published by Hindustan Times titled – ” Serum Institute to speed up the Covid-19 vaccine manufacturing process”. Agreement with Bill Gates Foundation, Gavi ”. Goya, Gavi and Gates Foundation should be the same institution. Hindi newspapers were further in this matter. Hindi daily Bhaskar while releasing this news said that he has received information in this regard from the Serum Institute .

Newspaper probably serumMust have been towards the press note received from the institute. In his news, Bhaskar quoted the Serum Institute as saying ” Gavi is an institution of the Gates Foundation”. And “Its purpose is to provide vaccines to people in low-income countries.” “Apparently, the newspaper may be technically incorrect, but it is widely true that some capitalists with vested interests in the Gavi and Gates Foundation have different names for the same façade. The name WHO can also be included in this list. Not only do institutions like the Serum Institute get money from the Gates Foundation, but all experts in this field know that Gavi is the JB organization of the WCH Bill Gates, but no one wants to say it on an open platform. Bill Gates’s sweet relationship with the Serum Institute is nearly a decade old. In 2012, when Bill Gates visited India, he specifically visited Pune and met the founder of the institute, Dr. Cyrus Poonawalla , the vaccinated king of India . At that time Bill Gates stated in a special video message that the serum’s “products are of very high quality and are capable of meeting a large need for cheap vaccines worldwide” . Today Cyrus Poonawalla’s son Adar Poonawala is the owner of Serum Institute. On the other hand, Bharat Biotech company based in Hyderabad has developed a vaccine called Covid. There is no question in the Indian media about the use of Serum Institute ‘Kovishield’, while Bharat Biotech’s ‘Covaxin’ is surrounded by questions. Media states that data related to the Serum Institute Vaccine Clinical Trial are available, while Bharat Biotech has not released its data in the public domain. However, the point is that both do not meet the trial standards that health experts expect . But the Gates Foundation dominates not just the global-health system, but also its huge investment in media, academia and advisory groups that play a role in building a broad consensus on an issue . This institution is not only keenly interested in building immediate and far-reaching arguments that go in its favor, but also conduct all-round attacks on its opponents and rivals. One of the hallmarks of how this attack shocked the rivals was seen in the press conference of Bharat Biotech Chairman Krishna Illa on 5 January 2020 , when he joined the hands of journalists to cry for love for their country. The biotech chairman said at the press conference that his ‘covariance’ is being targeted because it is a purely Indian vaccine, for which he, like others, “did not receive any money from any foundation (Bill & Milinda Gates Foundation)” is”. He pointed to the Gates Foundation, saying that his vaccine was being circulated in the media only to be approved based on data from Phase II clinical trials. However, there are many examples of this when in the past The Indian drug regulator allowed the use of vaccines only on the basis of the second phase of clinical trials. He reminded of the acceptance of vaccines of H One-N One in this regard. Even then, the Serum Institute of India, Bharat Biotech and Zydus Cadila were allowed to use vaccines based on Phase-II data. He said data from the Phase III clinical trial conducted by his company were also available and five publications about the efficacy of his vaccine have been published in the Peer Review Medical Journal, which is more than ‘Covishield’. Two days before that , the owner of Serum Institute, Adar Punawala, in a media interview , told India Biotech Making a mockery of ‘Kovacine’ said that this type of indigenous vaccine is safe like water. It has neither profit nor loss. He said that his vaccine was found effective in 70 percent of cases against Covid, and that if two doses were given at an interval of three months, it would be effective in 90 percent of cases. The statements of the owners of both the above companies are sufficient to express themselves how the human population of India of more than 1.25 billion has been made a joke. At first, we were pushed into lockdown saying that everything will be fine in a few days and now there is a competition among animals and animals to earn from the vaccine. These companies have neither shied away from taking advantage of political divisions, nor social divisions. We are aware of this that the Congress and the Samajwadi Party Bharat Biotech has termed the ‘Kov vaccine’ as the ruling ‘BJP vaccine’. But another aspect of itThe above press conference of biotech chairman Krishna Illa appeared when he pointed out his unique social background and said that I am a scientist coming from a farming family. The meaning of what Illa was saying was that because of their vaccine being native and their community being unique, it has become easier for them to be targeted (Poonawala family, on the other hand, is Parsi, a minority in India but means- Shakti is a thriving community and being non-Hindu is acceptable among the Dwijs.

They do not have to face discrimination as a social category that the lower Hindu castes have to bear). Illa’s point may not be completely baseless, but it is also the direction towards which we will be forced to rotate like the bull of the crusher within the same circular agenda that is being assigned to us. .

To get out of this circle, the basic question that must be raised is whether we really need the vaccine for Covid? It is an alleged epidemic whose mortality rate is insignificant despite the infinite exaggerated display of statistics. In February-March 2020, the WHO stated that its death rate is more than 3 percent, which may increase to 6 percent or even more. These exaggerated figures and forecasts led to the worldwide lockdown. But in August 2020, WHO admitted that its death rate was just 0.6 percent.Despite this, the epidemic of fear continued and people suffering from other life-threatening diseases continued to get proper treatment, causing deaths. Most of those who died due to lack of proper treatment were suffering from other diseases, but those who found infection of Covid during investigation were declared dead from Covid.

Whether or not they have any symptoms of Covid. Health services in most states have not been able to return to normalcy after 10 months and there are continuing deaths of people suffering from various diseases, many of which are being recorded in Covid’s account. But despite all the data manipulation, the infection is decreasing and the number of deaths has reduced considerably. That too can be seen clearly when masks and alleged social-distancing are not being followed in crowded places across the country. In such a situation, the question is whether we really need the vaccine? It is not that this question is not being raised. Many experts all over the world are raising this question, but to prevent them from reaching us, the companies in the world’s communication media are resurrecting . Despite this, the information that is reaching the people, is being tried to make it incredible by calling it Conspiracy Theory. Recently, the CEO of the Indian government’s ambitious health program “long live India” Dr. Indu Bhushan also raised this question in a webinar called That herd immunity is developing in India. The rate of infection (R factor) has come down to less than one percent in all the states (which is supposed to be a sign of stopping the spread of any epidemic), so should the Indian government spend on the purchase of vaccine Indu Bhushan is himself a well-known health expert in the world and ‘Ayushman Bharat’ has played an important role in the prevention of Covid. But it can be said that Indu Bhushan is in favor of his miserly government or he is not worried about the poor people of the country. But despite this, the question remains that an epidemic that has a mortality rate of 0.6 percent and whose success rate of vaccine is 70 to 90 percent, should it really be called a vaccine? The failure rate of the alleged vaccine being served to us is declared 10 to 30 percent! Covid’s R factor has been considered between 2 and 6 in various researches. All organizations, including the WHO, have maintained that a carrier of novel corona virus can spread it from two to six individuals, 80 percent of whom will have no symptoms. The remaining 15 percent will have very mild symptoms and only 5 percent may need to be admitted to the hospital. But this vaccine if the world everyone will be felt, as the dream of Bill Gates is so Covid number of vulnerable people will be between 30 percent to 10! Not only this, questions have also been raised about the side effects of these vaccines. Many people have suffered horrific side effects during clinical trials and about a dozen have died. Bill Gates himself, answering these questions in an interview in April 2020 , admitted that 7 million people worldwide may have to go through bad effects during the vaccination of Covid. In that interview, he said in a complimentary tone, referring to the Oxford-AstraZeneca under-construction vaccine (the Indian version of which is Kovishield) that “out of 10 thousand people” would be a person’s side effect of vaccinia. That is, out of the world’s seven billion population, “barely” 7 lakh people will be affected. It is important to note that these side effects can range from headache to permanent genetic changes and death of the person. Gates also admitted in that interview that vaccines do not work for older people. However, he hoped that such a vaccine would be made, which would also be effective on the elderly. But of all the vaccines that have been produced and are being made around the world, including Covishield, Covicin, none has claimed that their vaccine will be effective in the case of the elderly. The majority of clinical trials data are for adolescent, young and middle-aged people. In such a situation, the question also becomes whether the failure rate of 10 to 30 percent is due to its poor impact on the elderly. The question is also whether a vaccine is actually made? Or is it just water, as Adar Poonawala has said about Krishna Illa’s vaccine? They have some more water, some less water! If it is made, but it does not affect the elderly, then it is meaningless to exist or not because almost 100% of the victims of Covid are our elders. Many experts have been saying from the very beginning that no vaccine of Covid can be effective like flu for many reasons. One of the main reasons is mutating the virus. Herd immunity is the only effective solution. However,

Going through the facts that Covid references, we see that the big game behind it is not just about money. At least not only the notes and dollars contained in paper or debit-credit cards. Covid’s play is occupied by the economy rather than the meaning. The present politicians, political parties, Poonawala, Illa etc. are present as mere pawns on this game. The real game is to bring radical changes in the political system of the world. Behind this board, there are a handful of bourgeoisie who have more money than most countries of the world. Most of the world’s communication system has come under occupation in the last few years. Prominent among them are the owners and friends of companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Facebook.

They no longer appear to the public as a bourgeoisie, but as a philosopher, prophet, medical expert or philanthropist. The kingdoms of the world take their blessings from them, a large part of the intellectuals persuade them to cooperate in the fight against the arbitrariness of their governments. The public considers them the savior of their freedom of expression. These capitalists also have their own philosophy. There is an outline about the future of the world. They also want to make the world heaven in their own way. They want to rid the world of the unskilled human population becoming unusable in this era of technology and want to create a ‘new human’ and ‘new world’. Apparently, the new world of his dreams and the new world of our dreams lie at opposite poles of philosophy.



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