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Dance Video: The girl danced with tremendous expression, but there was a ruckus on the internet due to her young age

Girl Dance Video: Social media is such a platform where people share everything. People share their happiness, sorrow, talent, success, many things related to their family and loved ones. Dance videos have the highest number of shares. In which everyone from child to elderly is included. Somewhere someone’s stupid style makes people dizzy, then someone’s talent makes people convinced. But the tremendous dance video of a Nepali girl by these two has become a point of debate among the people. but why? See this yourself too.

A girl’s dance video on Instagram account llaboutnepal is going viral. In which she is doing wonderful expressions and dance steps with a small child on Nepali music. The video has got more than 17 lakh likes. Still, many people did not find the style of the girl according to her age. And people started advising children not to lose their childhood.

The girl did an amazing dance, but a controversy broke out

The video of a girl and boy dancing together is from a function in Nepal, in which the girl is dancing to the traditional music of Nepal, Panche Baja. There is also a small child with her who is trying to challenge her in the dance. In the video, both the children are doing amazing dance. And the expressions of the girl’s face are so tremendous that no one can imagine that she can do such expressions even at a young age. In the video, the women seen in the background are enjoying this dance challenge of the children a lot and are also seen capturing it in their cameras. But as soon as it was shared on social media, there was an uproar over the girl’s expression and dance steps.

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Appreciation on expression also got displeasure

The caption of the dance video reads – Watch these little dancers dance to the viral beats of Panche Baja! Many people shared full praise on the dance video, while many people raised questions on such steps at a young age. One user has written – Please let the children remain children. So there another user wrote – Just like an adult, childishness disappeared. Another user wrote – Such steps are not suitable for children. However, there are many users who believe that the girl is a great dancer and will do even more amazing when she grows up. Many other users wrote that the child is doing whatever makes her happy. Negative comments will have a bad effect on his heart and mind.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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