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New Hiring: Big news! These company now engaged in recruitment after retrenchment, Applied for H-1B workers Visa

New Hiring: After large-scale retrenchment, Now many big tech companies are planning to make new recruitments, but in this too they are cutting down on expenses.

New Hiring by Tech Companies: Since the year 2022, many tech companies have laid off on a large scale in view of the possibility of global recession. This includes the names of many companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Meta. After retrenchment, now these companies have started planning for recruitment.

But even in the process of this hiring, companies have found a way to reduce their expenses. A report has claimed that the companies which were laying off on a large scale for the past few months are now seeking employees working in the US on low wages from other countries and have applied for H-1B visas for this.

Many companies applied for H1B workers Visa

According to a report by independent investigative journalist Li Fang, data released by the US Department of Labor has revealed that companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Meta, Zoom, Salesforce have applied for thousands of H1B workers visas. The special thing is that all these companies have recently laid off on a large scale in the last few months. After this, now he is going to recruit many new foreign employees. A large number of Indian employees are also included in this.

H1B workers with low salary are in demand

It has also come to know from this report that companies are recruiting tech employees on low salary only by firing people working on high salary. For example, Google has recently laid off 12,000 employees. This was announced by the company in January. After this, the company has applied for H1B visa for software engineers, consultants and experienced researchers. Apart from this, Waymo, owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, has also applied for such a visa.

Amazon applied for H1B workers visa

Apart from Google, Amazon is also planning to recruit employees after laying off 18,000 employees in January and 9,000 in March. According to the report, the company has applied for H1B visa workers with many low salaries. Apart from this, the name of Microsoft is also included in this list, which has recently shown the way out to 5 percent of its total workforce i.e. 10,000 employees.

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