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Danny was named after classmate Jaya Bachchan, deliberately did not work with Amitabh Bachchan for 18 years

Amitabh Bachchan Danny relationship: Danny Denzongappa is one of the most popular villains in Bollywood. Millions of Danny’s were crazy. His real name was Sharing Fintso Denzongappa. A resident of Sikkim, Danny has learned acting tricks from Pune-based FTTI. Jaya Bachchan used to be his classmate there. There was a very good friendship between the two. Despite this, Danny refused to work with Amitabh Bachchan for 18 years.

When Danny went to an acting school in Pune, people used to make fun of him because of his look. Classmates used to make fats in their name.

Jaya Bachchan one day told him that Sharing Fintso Denzongappa is a very big and strange name. Put a name that goes on anyone’s tongue. Jaya suggests him the name Danny. The same day he replaced Danning Fintso Denzongappa as Danny.

Danny and Jaya Bachchan had become very good friends. Both of them started working in films almost simultaneously. Later, Jaya Bachchan married Amitabh.

Danny became very good friends with Amitabh due to Jaya Bachchan. Despite this, Danny did not work with Amitabh for 18 years. Manmohan Desai celebrated Danny many times but he did not agree.

Actually, Danny believed that Amitabh is such a big star that no matter how well I act in front of him, no one will ask. But if the film flopped, then people would start blaming me instead of Amitabh.

With this fear, Danny refused to work with Amitabh Bachchan every time. But once Mukul Anand told him the story of Agneepath, Danny agreed to work. Danny knew that no one would be able to ignore the role he was getting.

Danny and Amitabh appeared on screen together for the first time in Agneepath. Both were well liked. After this, both the actors appeared in many films like Khuda Witness.

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