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Effect of lockdown: Mukesh Ambani earned 90 crore rupees per hour, 24 percent of the people a month’s income was less than 3 thousand rupees

New Delhi – The world has still not fully recovered from the outbreak of the Covid epidemic. During this Karona period, many discrepancies were also seen globally on the economic front.

On the one hand, while the poor people living in daily wages were struggling to get bread for two times, on the other hand, on the contrary, the treasuries of the money and the mobs went on filling. At the same time, in the US, while Jeff Bezos, a businessman like Ilon Musk, was competing to become the world’s most wealthy person, on the other hand, millions of people were seen filling their employment insurance claims for fear of losing their jobs. This discrepancy was not limited only to that. India is also not untouched by this and the latest report of Oxfam is also testifying to this. 

This ‘Inequality Report’ of ‘Oxfam’ has been named “The Inequality Virus Report” due to Kovid. It states that as a result of the Kovid epidemic, inequality in society increased economically. In this Corona era, well-known industrialist Mukesh Ambani made money at the rate of Rs 90 crore per hour, while 24 per cent of the people got less than three thousand rupees per month income. This means that an unskilled laborer will take 10,000 years to earn the amount of money that Mukesh Ambani earned in an hour in the Corona period. At this rate, it will take a common man three years to earn as much as Mukesh Ambani earned in a second.

The report also said that the epidemic has widened the existing social, economic and gender-based inequality. The severe consequences of this epidemic have left the wealthy class completely untouched, while middle-class people are working from home to office while living in seclusion. But, the sad aspect is that most people in the country lost their jobs / livelihoods. In the Corona era, the day Mukesh Ambani became the fourth richest man in the world, the same day a man named Rajesh Rajak committed suicide along with his three daughters due to a job loss. The report said that the wealth of Indian billionaires increased by 35 percent during the lockdown. Since 2009, his wealth has increased by 90 percent, reaching $ 422.9 billion. As a result, India came in sixth place after America, China, Germany, Russia and France in the world. Also Read: Government Alerts Senior Citizens! Be careful with this phone call, otherwise your account will be empty





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