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Enraged elephant on the road created such havoc, video went viral

Elephant’s Video: In this viral video, you can see how an elephant gets enraged and then creates havoc in the entire area.

Elephant’s Video: Elephant is generally considered a very calm animal. It is not seen bothering anyone without reason. But once it gets angry, the whole forest resounds. Elephants are seen attacking in anger. Many times elephants come out of the forest and reach residential areas and create havoc. A similar video has just surfaced, which is going viral rapidly. In this, the elephant suddenly gets angry and starts vandalizing the road. Even after the mahout controls it, it does not seem to listen.

Elephant vandalizes

In this video going viral on social media, you can see how an elephant is seen walking quietly on the road. The mahout is also sitting on the elephant. The elephant has been decorated in such a way as if it is going to be a part of some function. But suddenly the elephant gets angry and slowly goes out of the control of the mahout. Then he starts breaking whatever thing he finds in front of him. The elephant is seen venting his anger on the auto standing on the roadside. In a few seconds he destroyed the auto. He started dancing and throwing it around like a toy.

Watch the video here:

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People scared by elephant’s havoc

The elephant suddenly started creating such a havoc in the area that people got scared. People were seen running here and there to avoid the elephant’s attack. Now, concrete information about where this video is from has not been obtained yet. This video related to wild animals has been uploaded on an Instagram account named Thousands of people have seen this video.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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