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Funny Video: Policeman ran away in fear after seeing the boy’s actions – watch the funny video

Funny Video Today: In this video you can see how the boy crawled like a snake and clung to the policeman. The poor guy got very scared as soon as he saw him.

Funny Video: Hundreds of videos are uploaded on social media every day, but only a few of them make people laugh a lot. One such video is currently everywhere. The video is related to a boy who suddenly turned into a snake and reached to bite the policeman. In no time, he crawled and wrapped himself around the legs of the policeman sitting on the bike. Initially, the policeman did not notice him, she was busy talking to her colleague. But as soon as she saw the boy who turned into a snake, she lost her senses. The scene captured in the frame will make you laugh a lot.

The boy turned into a snake while walking

In the video shared on Instagram, you can see that the policemen have gone out on a round in the dark of the night. A policeman is also sitting on a bike near the police van. Initially, everything looks normal in the frame. But then a boy crawling like a snake secretly reached close to the policeman. He wrapped himself around his legs. Then he started trying to pull him. As soon as the policeman looked down after feeling strange, the poor guy was shaken to the core. He felt as if the snake was really going to bite him. He somehow managed to escape from it and ran away.

Watch the video here

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Scared the policeman

You will see further in the video that despite the policeman running away, the boy is still crawling like a snake. Seeing the boy’s such action, the policeman immediately ran towards the vehicle and tried to take something out. In the next part of the video, you can see that the people standing nearby also back off after seeing the boy’s such action. The video has been shared from an Instagram account named funny_sandip.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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