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EPFO / UAN Mobile Number Update: Mobile number of EPFO ​​account changed in some way, there will be easy withdrawal of money

EPFO UAN Mobile Number Update The facilities of EPFO ​​are operated by the Government of India, so that people working in private company can get pension after retirement. In such a situation, a UAN number is issued by EPFO. A person has only one UAN number. In such a situation, it is your job to ensure that there is no problem in your EPFO ​​account.

If there is any kind of problem in the EPFO ​​account, then you may have to worry in future. In such a situation, if you change your phone number in the EPFO ​​on the UAN Epfo Portal, it can be done in a very easy way.

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Please tell that it is mandatory to have UAN number to get access on PF Portal epfo portal. With its help you can do all the work related to PF. However, your UAN number remains the same throughout life. Well, if you want to change your phone number here then this process is very simple and you can change it online.

To change the mobile number, first of all visit the website of epfo. Then fill in the UAN and click on the option for Forgot Password. After this you fill the captcha and submit it. Now you will have the option to send OTP to your given phone number.

You can proceed by clicking NO. Now you will be asked your personal details, such as date of birth, name and other things which you have made available earlier. Verify it by filling it correctly. After this, click on the option of change mobile number and fill the new mobile number and submit it by filling the OTP. Now enter your password and your phone number will be updated now.




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