Fixed deposit for 6 months, then make it to these 3 big banks, getting special offers


In the present time, saving has become very important because when anyone knows what happens. There are many of us who want to invest money for a short period of time and want to benefit soon, then in such a situation FD can be a good option for you. In this, you can invest money in FD for the first 6 months. In this, both public and private banks provide 6-month FD facility to their account holders. So let’s know which banks are paying how much interest on FD to their customers.

State Bank of India
SBI is a well-known state-owned bank in the country, which is currently paying an interest rate of 4.40 per cent on a 6-month fixed deposit (FD) of minimum Rs 2 crore to its account holders.

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Apart from this, it is providing interest rate of 4.90 percent on FD to Senior Citizen. If someone gets FD of maximum Rs 2 crore, then he is paid interest at the rate of 2.90 percent.

ICICI is a well-known bank that pays an interest rate of 4.25 per cent to its account holders for 6 months FD (FD) of Pre-Mature Widrawal Facility with a minimum of Rs 2 crore.

Apart from this, the Senior Citizen is providing interest rate on FD at 4.75 percent. And the annual interest rate on FDs ranging from 2 to 5 crores has been kept at 3.50 percent.

Punjab National Bank
Punjab National Bank is also a good bank that pays an interest rate of 4.50 per cent per annum to its account holders at an FD of FD of 2 crore for a minimum of 6 months.

Apart from this, it is providing interest rate of 5.25 per cent on FD to Senior Citizen and the annual interest rate on FD ranging from 2 to 10 crores has been kept at 3.25 per cent.


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