Good News for Central Employees! Salary will increase by Rs 66,960 till December, this will be the calculation

7th Pay Commission: Good news! Great News For Central Employees, Got Promotion, Now Salary Will Increase By 15 Thousand Rupees Every Month
7th Pay Commission: Good news! Great News For Central Employees, Got Promotion, Now Salary Will Increase By 15 Thousand Rupees Every Month

7th Pay Commission DA Latest news: Central employees are waiting for DA Hike. There is to be an increase of 3 percent DA (3% DA) in the coming days. After the increase in DA, there will be a good jump in the salary of central government employees. Since July, he is getting dearness allowance at the rate of 28 percent. But, now 3 percent more will be added to it and it will reach 31 percent. Employees will get this good news in the coming two months.

How much money will increase if 3 percent increase

After increasing DA by 3 percent, DA will increase to employees according to different categories. Dearness Allowance (DA Calculation) is calculated according to the basic salary. There is a possibility of increase in DA again till Diwali. From the current 28 percent, there may be 31 percent in dearness allowance and dearness relief. With the increase in DA, there is an increase in the salary directly. But, how much money will be received by increasing DA directly by 3 percent. You can check its calculation.

How much will increase on the basic of 18 thousand

Dearness allowance is to be increased for July 2021. The AICPI index has reached 122.8. That means 3 percent increase is sure to happen. DA will be 31 per cent. Now, if we calculate DA on the basic of Rs 18,000, then the total dearness allowance along with salary will be credited to the account of central employees of Rs 66,960 (annual). 18000*31/100=5580 rupees. If we look at the yearly basis, then it will be 5580 * 12 = 66960 rupees. However, the difference between 28 per cent and 31 per cent DA is quite minor.

More than 1 crore employees and pensioners will get benefit

More than 3 percent increase in dearness allowance will benefit more than 50 lakh permanent central employees and more than 65 lakh pensioners. In the month of July, the Central Government had restored the dearness allowance stopped due to Kovid. The DA was directly increased by 11 percent. This included 4 percent DA of January 2020, 3 percent of June 2020 and 4 percent of January 2021.

How much profit did you make between July and December?

Dearness allowance of central employees was restored in July. In such a situation, if the calculation is done on the DA before July, then …
Basic salary of the employee – Rs 18000 (minimum basic salary)
Dearness Allowance 31 percent (estimated increase) – Rs 5580
Dearness Allowance 17 percent (before July) – Rs 3060
Increase in total DA- 5580-3060 = Rs.2520
Increase in annual salary- 2520X12 = Rs 30,240
(There has been such an increase in the salary of central employees from July to December. However, it is on the basis of minimum salary. With the increase in basic salary, the calculation of annual DA will also be different.)


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