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Good news: Passenger train will start between Agra-Mainpuri, know what will be the new system

After about 11 months, the railway passenger, DEMU and MEMU trains are going to start operating. North Central Railway has announced to run five unreserved passenger trains from 26 February. Among these, Agra-Mainpuri and Mathura-Alwar will operate daily passengers. In these, passengers will be able to travel without reservation.

The railway is starting operations of Kanpur-Prayagraj Central Passenger, Kanpur Central-Chitrakoot Passenger, Khajuraho-Lalitpur Passenger trains. Train number (1909/1910) Agra Cantt-Mainpuri Unreserved Express (daily) will start from 26 February. This train will depart from Agra Cantt at 4:35 pm. Bhandai, Karaudhna, Shamsabad, Dhimishri, Fatehabad, Manikpura, Bhadrauli, Bateshwar, Bah, Jaitpurkalaan, Mansingh’s Pura, Jaitpura, Udi Mor, Etawah, Baidpur, Saifai, Karhal, Bhujia, Kiratpur will reach Mainpuri at 9:30 am.

Revised Decision on Internet Suspension in Mathura to be Taken Today: DM

Train number (1910) will run from Mainpuri from 27 February at 4:30 AM and reach Agra Cantt at 9:40 AM. Reservation will not be done in this special train with eight coaches.

hiding in three states for 28 days, related to the girl, in the same way police arrested Mathura Junction (04171/04172). Mathura Junction-Alwar Unreserved Special Train will be operated regularly from February 26 to April 30 . This train will depart from Mathura at 9:50 am and reach Alwar at 1 pm. It will depart from Alwar at 4 pm and reach Mathura at 6:50 pm.



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