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Corona in Agra: Four more new patients found, 18 more active patients

Four more corona virus patients were found in Agra on Wednesday. Now the total number of patients has reached 10530. Out of this, 18 patients are undergoing treatment. DM Prabhunarayan Singh said that 10,338 patients have been cured. 174 have died. Till Wednesday, samples of 5,38,432 people have been tested.

The rate of infection may have decreased in the month of February, but four times more men have been infected than women, while the number of men in the total patients is twice that of women. In February, 40 cases of corona virus were found. Of this, the number of men is 32 and eight are women. If we talk of male and female in total of 10526 infected patients, then there were 7074 males and 3452 females.

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were twice as many men than women, but in February, men are being found more infected. Out of 40 patients found in these 23 days, 23 patients have recovered and two patients have died. Of these patients, nine are from rural areas and 22 are from Dayalbagh, Kamla Nagar and Housing Development Colony area, the remaining nine are from other colonies of the city.

 Men live outside the home: CMO

CMO Dr. RC Pandey says that one of the main reasons behind the men getting infected almost four times this month is their living outside the houses. Jobs and going out of town too. Their samples are also being investigated. The first case of corona virus was reported on March 3

The lowest patient in February in 11 months

. This month 12 patients were found. After this the rate of infection increased rapidly and 2818 patients were found in September. Infection rates declined since December. Fewer cases have been reported since March 2020 in February 2021.

The specialty of the Agra model is

The monitoring of those

traveling from abroad, the thermal screening of the returned people traveling abroad, and their samples are being tested for corona virus. Medical monitoring is also being done for 14 days.

Health camps around the patients’ house

After receiving the infected patient, a health survey is being conducted around the house, people are being given thermal screening, pulse oximetry tests along with vitamin C and ivermectin medicines.

 Easy arrangement for giving samples

Sample free facility at 18 booths including district hospital. Anyone can get their examination done by giving a sample on a rupee prescription. Corona’s investigation report is being received on the portal itself.

At the Arogya Mela, Corona is being investigated

every Sunday at 74 health centers in the city and countryside. Here antigen screening is also being done by taking samples of corona virus. Treatment is being given when found infected.



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